Four Good Habits to Increase Your Defenses

There are many healthy habits. It's only a matter of introducing them into your daily routine and starting to realize the good things that really help you.
Four Good Habits to Increase Your Defenses

Last update: 15 January, 2020

Do you need to strengthen or improve your defenses?

When the seasons change or flu season comes around, it’s important to adopt good habits that will help boost your defenses. However, we recommend that you carry out these habits all year long to help you prevent illness.

If we include one habit in our routine, it’ll be much easier for us to improve our defenses. However, if we only perform these good habits in the winter, for example, what will happen in all of the other seasons? We’ll be more exposed to possible sicknesses.

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Good Habits to Improve Your Defenses

Today, we’re going to talk about four great habits that will help you boost your immune response. Although there are many, we believe it’s important that, if you’ve never done any of them before, beginning with these four is a great first step.

1. A Healthy and Varied Diet

Increase Your Defenses

One of the first good habits that will help you boost your defenses is, without a doubt, eating healthy. Making a diet plan that satisfies all of your needs, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, limiting processed foods as much as possible, drinking enough water… all of this is benefits you.

Sometimes, we may not pay attention to what we’re eating and don’t notice that it makes a huge difference. What we eat makes our defenses weaker or stronger. 

If you don’t eat fruits or vegetables, for example, you’ll be lacking some essential vitamins that your defenses use to fight diseases.

2. Do Exercise Every Day

Don’t let this intimidate you: there are lots of different ways to exercise! Thanks to this, you can practice a sport every day to prevent a sedentary lifestyle.

Someone that goes to the gym three days a week can walk, go hiking or skate during the days they don’t go to the gym. It’s simply a matter of getting up, moving, and keeping your body active.

Walking for just 30 minutes already makes a huge difference. This would cause a noticeable boost to your defenses.

A sedentary lifestyle makes you more likely to catch a flu or other illness. Practicing a sport not only strengthens your body and tones your muscles, but your defenses will also benefit from it. Try it!

3. Take Care of Your Mind

Take Care of Your Mind

Although you may not believe it, your mind is very important in boosting or weakening your defenses.

Therefore, one of the good habits that help you increase your immune response could be practicing yoga, going to a spa, or setting aside time to practice a leisure activity just because you want to.

Sometimes, when we spend so much time taking care of our body, we forget to take care of our minds, too.

If we take a look at some of the people around us (especially those who are more stressed or negative) they’re always the ones that are sick more often. If you want to strengthen your defenses, cultivate a positive and healthy mind That’s free of worries.

4. Drop Toxic Habits

It’s natural that if we’re talking about good habits that help us and make us healthier, we should definitely also mention the toxic habits that we should drop immediately.

What could they be?

Some of them are smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating too many sweets and not sleeping properly. Believe it or not, getting enough sleep makes a huge difference to your defense system.

Therefore, it’s recommended to maintain good sleep health.


Always go to bed at the same time, sleep the amount of hours that your body requires, respect your sleep cycles

This will make you feel much better, and your defenses will be much more prepared to prevent diseases.

Have you tried any of these habits to help boost your immune response? Which ones worked best for you? We would like to know if there’s another positive habit that you’d like to share with us!

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