Four Exercises to Attain the Perfect Abs

It's important not to put pressure on your neck when doing crunches for perfect abs as you could injure yourself. Besides, the exercise wouldn't be as effective.
Four Exercises to Attain the Perfect Abs

Last update: 18 May, 2021

Having perfect abs is a dream that both men and women share. It’s also a sign of good health. Abdominal fat isn’t easy to get rid of. This is precisely why it’s necessary to perform exercises to maintain good abdominals.

The abdominal muscles are always there, although we can’t always see them. Sometimes, they’re hidden behind a layer of abdominal fat as explained in a study published in Medicina Clinica. How to get rid of it?

Example of a routine to have good abs

Taking into account the above, what you need to do to show off a flat and toned belly is to reduce body fat levels and exercise these muscles. For the former, it’s necessary to plan a diet according to your specific characteristics with the advice of a nutritionist.

As for the exercise routine, these exercises can help maintain perfect abs so use them as a guide.

1. Planks

A woman trying to attain perfect abs.

This is a well-known exercise that’s easy to perform and very effective at working all the muscles of your body, especially the abs. The effectiveness of this work is confirmed by a study published in Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science.

  • To perform this exercise, you lay face down and extend your body on a flat surface, preferably on a mat.
  • The position is similar to doing push-ups. Instead of using your hands for support, place your forearms on the mat.
  • Now, you must hold up your body weight on your forearms and the tips of the feet, which should be in line with your hips.
  • Once in this position, hold it, contracting your abdominal muscles at all times.
  • Your back should always stay straight so that you can draw a straight line on your body that goes from your head to your heels.
  • Stay like this for at least 30 seconds. The repetitions can vary according to your physical condition or your trainer’s advice. 

2. Russian twists

A man doing Russian twists.

This is an ideal exercise to keep your oblique muscles in shapeTo carry out the exercise, lay on a mat lying down and facing the ceiling.

  • Subsequently, incorporate the upper trunk, so that you’re almost seated. Lift your legs so that they’re suspended without touching the mat, keeping the soles of your feet supported.
  • Then, stretch your arms completely and interlace your fingers.
  • You must swing your upper torso to one side, always straight, until you reach the limit.
  • Hold it for two seconds.
  • Then, turn to the other side and repeat the action. The entire movement to both sides counts as one repetition.
  • It’ll depend on your fitness level but you might be able to do a minimum of eight repetitions for three sets of the exercise.

3. Inverted bicycle

The inverted bicycle is one of the best exercises to tone all muscles, including the abdominals. To do it, you must lie down completely on an exercise mat. Place your body on your back. Then, interlace your fingers and place your hands on the back of your neck so that your elbows are facing outward.

  • Next, raise your left knee and then the right, so that a right angle is formed with the leg at the height of the hip.
  • Then, rotate the upper part of your body, so that your right elbow reaches your left knee. Now, do the same movement with your right leg.
  • A movement with both legs counts as one repetition. You may do at least three sets of twelve repetitions each; however, it is advisable to evaluate it with a physical activity professional.

4. Reverse contractions

A woman doing reverse contractions.

This is an easy and comfortable exercise to do. According to research published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, the leg raise has the advantage of the horizontal position, which puts more strain on the oblique and rectus abdominis muscles.

  • Firstly, lie on your back on a comfortable surface like an exercise mat. The palms of your hands must extend to touch the ground completely.
  • Now, by contracting your abdominal muscles, you should raise your legs so that they’re higher than your hips, forming a right angle with your entire body.
  • Don’t flex or separate your legs while doing the exercise.
  • To separate your hips from the floor, you must contract your lower abdominal muscles.
  • After you have your legs up, hold the position for at least three seconds, and slowly return to the starting position. Do a minimum of eight repetitions.

Habits will allow you to attain perfect abs

In short, doing these exercises will help you maintain perfect abs and you’ll see good results with perseverance. However, keep in mind that a balanced diet is also essential. This is because you won’t get the flat abdomen you want if you maintain a high level of body fat.

Finally, keep in mind that the progressive modification of habits is most convenient. On the contrary, highly restrictive diets aren’t a good option. Go for a healthy but unrestricted lifestyle and add physical exercise to it, and you’ll be able to maintain the abs you so like!

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