Four Benefits You Get from Reading that Improve Your Body’s Overall Health

Did you know that, in addition to helping you sleep better, reading can be a great ally for combatting stress and helping you develop different social skills?
Four Benefits You Get from Reading that Improve Your Body’s Overall Health

Last update: 02 September, 2018

Have you heard of the benefits that reading can have for your body’s overall health? Although many believe that we can do without reading, the truth is that it has a lot to offer us.

Reading is a very pleasant activity that many people people do for fun. It helps stimulate the imagination, promotes creativity and helps us improve our attention span.

However, there are many more benefits that reading can have for our health.

The Health Benefits of Reading

Today, we’ll share four benefits that reading can have for your body’s overall health. Perhaps you already know many of them, but surely there are others are totally new to you.

After you have discovered all of them,  pick up a book and start enjoying this healthy activity!

1. It helps reduce stress

As we mentioned, one of the health benefits of reading is that it is relaxing. Even so, sometimes, we don’t realize how much stress affects our body.

Have you ever had your hair fall out because of stress? Or have you had a flakey scalp? These and many other reactions in our body are signs that we need to pay attention to that can indicate excessive stress.

Drinking hot beverages helps reduce stress and improve your body’s overall health

The life we ​​lead these days causes us to enjoy things less, to be less attentive to what’s happening around us and, by contrast, to live our lives on autopilot. This definitely doesn’t benefit us.

For this reason, stopping and giving yourself a moment to read can be very beneficial.

2. It allows you to sleep better

How many of us sleep badly?

Even when you sleep for many hours, you may often notice that our bodies have not had enough rest.

Another benefit that reading brings is this: it allows you to relax and sleep much better.

Sleep better

That’s why it’s great to read before going to sleep.

This way, you’ll also avoid being in contact with the TV or your cell phone. These elements keep you from relaxing and our body from preparing for a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you can read something printed on paper, it’s even better.

3. Self-help books do make us feel better

These days, you can find many self-help books. They’re often books that many professionals do not consider to be very rich in content, although it’s true that they motivate and give hope to those who read them.

These books can help a lot of people who are going through pain, depression or difficult periods in their life. Although taking them literally isn’t always the best idea, they can be beneficial.

man reading

4. It helps us develop empathy

The final benefit that reading has is that it allows us to increase and further develop our empathy.

There are some people who have less empathy than others and reading can help much more with this than you may think.


When we identify with a character and we see that we have similarities with her, we empathize with her. For this reason, we often cry, feel sad, and immerse ourselves in reading in such a way that we believe that we are the main character.

This is a fantastic way to develop this social skill that can be so very beneficial when starting relationships with others.

How is your level of empathy?

Read every day

You may not always want to read because it’s difficult for you to stay focused. However, it’s important to know how to best enjoy the benefits of reading.

How? Day by day.

Reading a little each day, even if it’s only two pages of a book, will allow you to see and enjoy clear progress.

What’s more, you will feel very good when you realize how much progress you’ve made in reading a book by dedicating only a few minutes to it each day. Of course, this has to be a consistent activity, which will be extremely enriching.

Do you take a little time out of your day to devote to reading? Do you feel good when reading?

Reading has many benefits, although today we have only addressed four of them.

We encourage you to look for a book that you like and start putting this habit into practice. Remember that this is like going to the gym: If you want to obtain the benefits, you have to be consistent.

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