Forget About That Swollen Belly With These Foods

Poor digestion is noticeable when you frequently experience the sensation of being full and having an inflated abdomen.  It’s as if you were full of gas, and occurs especially after eating certain types of food.  This is the result of a poor diet that is primarily rich in flour and fat.  In order to effectively fight this common discomfort, we are going to recommend a few foods for you that could be very useful and that will help you digest and get rid of that horrible bloated feeling.

Solutions for preventing a “swollen” belly

Solution No. 1 – Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is perfect for helping solve problems caused by poor digestion.  Fresh fruit contains large amounts of fiber and water and also provides practically no fat.

But there’s just one thing!  You should eat a wide variety of fruit.  Don’t let the body get used to always eating the same fruit, and don’t eat too much of it, especially if you have a delicate digestive tract…as the saying goes, “Everything in moderation”.

Solution No. 2 – Salads!

salad-cyclonebillEveryone knows that salads are very nutritious, especially those that are prepared by combining fruits like pineapple or papaya.  They are also essential for improving poor digestion, especially if eaten at the beginning of the day or at lunch.  You should eat something light for dinner, like a salad or a cream based soup with vegetables.  Eat everything in small portions so that you’re not full when you go to bed.  This will improve digestion.

Solution No. 3 – Alfalfa and lentils on your plate!

Alfalfa sprouts and lentils are excellent for the body because they contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals.  These foods are also very special because they can be added to salads or to soups that you make at home.

Solution No. 4 – Sauerkraut

Due to the fermentation, this dietary fiber is much easier to digest.  This makes it perfect when added to any meal.

We should also clear up that sauerkraut has a very acidic taste, which is why it’s a good idea to dilute it with a bit of water before serving it.

Solution No. 5 – Honey or molasses as a sugar substitute

honey-alsjhcHoneys that are prepared from fermented whole grains are truly effective at improving digestion.  You shouldn’t forget, however, that these honeys should be consumed with full caution because they are concentrated sugars.  They therefore cannot be consumed by Diabetics.

Don’t forget…!

It is very important that you improve your dietary habits so you can better control digestive problems, especially those that cause you to feel overly heavy, gassy, and full.  These problems could damage and even impede a good quality of life.

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