Foods that Will Help Boost Your Metabolism

· February 26, 2015

A slow metabolism is one of the most common and least detected conditions by the people who suffer from it. It consists of a person’s body burning less calories at rest than what’s normal. It is also known as “basal metabolism”, which means that a low amount of energy is consumed in a person at a resting state.

Some of the factors that can cause your metabolism to be slow are:

  • Hypothyroidism, which is a hormonal disease
  • Sedentary lifestyle, which is a lack of exercise or physical activity
  • An undesired effect from a diet that is too strict, which cause the metabolism to change, causing the robot effect.

It is also important that you detect the possible consequences of this condition. However, we recommend that you eat natural products that will help accelerate your metabolism so that you don’t have problems with this situation.



When you have a slow metabolism, what happens is that your body does not burn fat like it should normally do so. This substance accumulates in your body until you get obese or overweight. That is why there are people that say that everything makes them fat, even eating a little bit or having a lifestyle that is similar to other people who don’t gain weight easily. As a result, you should try to rule out a slow metabolism through a diagnosis that your doctor will do.

You should know that losing weight when you have a slow metabolism is very difficult, but not impossible. You should also be clear that strict diets, in other words the ones that have very few calories, are not the best option if you have a slow metabolism, because the results will be disheartening. Keep in mind that most people that submit to these miracle diets don’t make them go down in size proportional to what they are eating,

But don’t worry! Below we will recommend some steps that you can follow so that you get a solution soon and you can show off the figure you want.

Drink A Lot of Water

Water colon

Recent studies have shown that drinkable water is one of the products that accelerates your metabolism and weight loss the most. It also helps eliminate toxins and sodium from your body. Water is also an appetite suppressant. In other words, drinking enough water helps you feel full, which will make you differentiate clearly between hunger and thirst.

Green Tea


Green tea is truly a fantastic herb because of its incredible properties. Green tea has been proven to boost your metabolism and also weight loss. Besides that, it contains carcinogenic properties and is great for your health. Famous people have included it in their diet with the goal of getting the perfect weight.


Vegetable soups

Soup (especially vegetable soup) is one of the most satisfying, delicious, and nutritious foods, because of the combination of liquids and solids. You can eat less and burn fats more quickly if you eat soup as a appetizer instead of a plate of completely solid food.

Pears and Apples

apple-4Overweight people that eat the equivalent of 3 apples or small pears a day tend to lose more weight in a low calorie diet. That is why it is important that you include fruit in your diet, because you can even calm your cravings for sweets or sugar naturally with a fruit high in fiber and low in calories.

We hope that everything we mentioned earlier is used to your advantage. It is important that you remember to to manage a balance in the different aspects of your life. Have a good balanced diet and exercise routine!