Foods that Harm Bone Health

We all know that a proper diet is essential for the health of all of the organs in our body. Not eating properly can lead to serious illnesses, lack of energy and malnutrition.

That is why it is very important to know how to recognize and avoid foods that are harmful to your health. In this article, you will learn about that are harmful to your bone health in particular.

Carbonated Beverages

These beverages contain a high amount of phosphoric acid, which is detrimental to calcium absorption. For that reason, you should reduce your consumption of this type of beverage as much as possible.



While coffee is known to boast numerous natural health benefits, it is important to drink it in moderation. In other words, even though you may like to drink coffee, you should not drink more than three cups a day because it contains substances called xanthines, which have the ability to increase calcium loss through the urinary tract, which damages your bone health.


This is a food that, when consumed in excess, can harm your bones a lot because of the sodium that could contribute to the continuous loss of calcium.



Alcohol abuse is truly harmful to bone health because it increases calcium excretion through urine. When you are used to drinking one or two cups of red wine a day, you are giving yourself substances that can benefit your health in general and in this amount, has no harmful effect on bone structure. However, excess consumption can affect it.


When you eat a lot of meat, you could be giving your body a lot of proteins with a high amount of sulphuric amino acids, which can increase the amount of calcium eliminated through urine. When you eat vegetable proteins, the effect can be less, although you should still be careful and try to control your meat consumption.

Hydrogenated Oils

Oils naturally contain a high amount of vitamin K, which is essential for your bone health. However, when they go through the process that turns them into hydrogenated oils, they completely lose this vitamin. Oils are mainly used for desserts, but they are dangerous for bone health once they lose their main property. That is why we recommend consuming bakes goods as little as possible.

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