Foods That Can Help You Quit Smoking

· June 1, 2015

Smoking is responsible for the loss of thousands of lives every year worldwide. In addition to that, it has negative effects on people who are exposed to second-hand smoke.

While there are many different ways to quit smoking, today we’re going to talk about certain foods that can help kick this harmful habit. Of course, without the firm decision and resolve to quit smoking, these methods may not have the desired effects.

Proper nutrition translates into a healthy body, with the fuel needed to function at its maximum potential. One of the main fears a smoker has is the possibility of gaining weight after they quit, but it’s been shown that if you follow a balanced diet you don’t have to gain weight, and in fact, a healthy diet can actually help you quit the habit.

If you have made the decision to quit smoking, keep reading to find out what foods you need to include in your diet and which ones to avoid. There are foods out there that improve the taste of cigarettes, and others that make it unpleasant.

What are these foods?

Among foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes are fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, while those that enhance the taste are coffee, alcohol (especially beer), and meat. So now we know why it’s fairly common to see people smoking while having a cup of coffee, a cocktail, or after eating a meal that included meat.

The plan then would be to use the foods that make cigarettes taste worse as allies in the fight to quit, and obviously avoid the ones that improve the flavor. To make sure this shift in your diet doesn’t create an imbalance, it’s wise to talk with a professional who can objectively help you develop a nutrition plan and avoid the weight gain due to anxiety that can occur after quitting – and above all, ensure you aren’t missing essential nutrients in your diet.

Good hydration

2 water

Water is an essential part of this process, because it helps the body remove toxins and impurities that have been stored due to smoking. It’s also wise to get physical exercise, preferably outside, to work your lungs and heart, the organs that are affected the most by smoking. Let your lungs take in fresh air to nourish every cell in your body.

Try to always keep in mind that in addition to affecting your overall health, cigarettes harm the health of your skin, and it’s not uncommon to see smokers who look much older than they actually are. So if you want to look younger, with good skin and without severe premature wrinkles, choose to leave this awful habit behind.

In addition to all the other negative effects that smoking causes, it can also turn your teeth yellow and cause bad breath. It reduces fertility in both men and women and increases the risk of sexual impotence.

Now you know a little more about the harmful effects of smoking, and that while you can use certain foods to help you quit, you should always talk to your doctor first – they will know how to help you through this process or if medical treatment is needed.

Foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes can be added back into your diet gradually, after at least three weeks have passed since you quit. And remember that whenever you feel the urge to light a cigarette, it’s stealing precious minutes from your life.

3 lungs and cigarettes

As we have already said, smoking is directly linked to heart and lung problems, and can result in severe consequences to your health, risking a life of hardship or premature death.