Follow These 5 Steps for Abundance in Your Life

Learn to stop coveting what you don't have and instead start to enjoy other, more important dimensions, like gratitude for what you do have.
Follow These 5 Steps for Abundance in Your Life

Last update: 14 March, 2019

Abundance in your life comes from the wonderful ability to prioritize the positive instead of the negative. It’s about being thankful for everything you have, being much more aware of opportunities, and as a result, achieving prosperity.

This idea, which may look simple at first sight, actually contains some deep ideas that should be reflected upon.

We live in a society where accumulating things and money is synonymous with success. Where being physically flawless is synonymous with social success.

How did we get here? Why does a teen without the latest cell phone feel frustrated? Why do we hate ourselves when our body measurements don’t fit the “ideal”?

Maybe we have the wrong focus.

We need to reformulate our thought processes to allow ourselves to be more free, more sensitive to what really matters.

We invite you to think about 5 dimensions that will certainly help you have abundance and happiness in your life.

1. Control your need for artificial abundance in your life

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All of us are looking to cover the dimensions that form the building blocks of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.

Aspects like the security of a home, food to eat, clothing and resources to grow and have good health are essential, true priorities.

Well, in modern society another aspect makes an appearance: consumerism.

We live in a reality where we often neglect what we already have, and instead, focus our interest on what we’re missing.

And sometimes what we’re missing is just the latest cell phone, a fancier car, trendy clothes…

All of that leads to what we mentioned earlier: the appearance of success or status.

We want what others have to feel like we’re “in,” like we’re a part of that artificial homeostasis that’s so common in our world today.

Think about it. Consider whether your current needs are artificial or if they’re authentic. 

2. Learn to practice gratitude if you want abundance in your life

One way to make room for an authentically abundant life is to be thankful for what you already have. It’s something that we don’t think about much, something we don’t value as highly as we should.

  • First of all, be thankful for your own integrity. Be thankful for your own existence: living and being in this world is an amazing thing, and every day that you’re aware of that, new opportunities will come your way. With this mindset, you can’t help but be happy.
  • Realize what glorious things you have all around you: family and friends, true treasures that offer you authentic, everyday abundance.

3. Abundance is in the simplest, most basic things in life

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Abundance doesn’t mean your bank account balance has lots of zeros at the end.

It also doesn’t mean accumulating friends on social networks or collecting clothes in your closet, jewelry in your drawers, or cars in your garage.

  • The secret to happiness can be found in appreciating the simplest, most basic things that come up in your day to day life. A sweet moment shared with a friend, doing something well and being proud of yourself, or even just taking a walk by yourself and enjoying nature.

This is the space in which we live authentic, abundant lives.

4. Stop focusing your life on what you’re lacking

We know applying this thought process in your everyday life won’t be easy. It isn’t easy because we’re living in times of scarcity, whether we like it or not.

  • Good work isn’t plentiful, and social inequality is common in many cities of the world.
  • Having your own home is often a privilege or aspiration that requires huge sacrifice or investment.
  • Maybe you don’t have a perfect body, the ideal relationship, or a job that lets your aptitudes and abilities shine.
  • But let’s make this clear: you can’t focus your life ONLY on what you’re missing. If you do, you’ll drown your reality in serious dissatisfaction.

Value what you do have, be grateful for it, and see your reality in a new, hopeful light. Life is full of opportunities and you’ll only see them if you feel worthy, calm and have good self-esteem.

5. Foster a different kind of consciousness directed towards abundance and prosperity

Happy woman surrounded by butterflies

What do we mean by prosperity? Prosperity is allowing a new time to begin, a time of positivity, of affirming your dreams, desires and hopes.

An abundant inner life is how you get there. It might take some time to get there, but with practice, you can change your mindset.

Because only when you feel sure of yourself, full of self-love and respect, will you be able to get moving towards achieving those dimensions.

Put it into practice: learn how to develop the abundance that is already within you.

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