Five Types of Flowers for the Balcony

There's nothing more relaxing than a balcony with multicolored flowers. Continue reading to find out what are the best choices for it.
Five Types of Flowers for the Balcony

Last update: 17 January, 2020

Today, we’ll show you some of the best flowers for the balcony.

Plants transform a cold, uninteresting area into one that’s so cozy you’ll actually want to spend extra time in it. In addition, flowers in your balcony will bring you benefits such as:

  • They help reduce stress both by the process of gardening and by surrounding yourself with wonderful colors and by inhaling their aroma.
  • They promote feelings of happiness and appreciation of the beautiful space you’ve created.
  • Plants help you enjoy natural fragrances throughout the day.
  • They provide filtered oxygen, which will add to a very relaxing atmosphere.

The Five Best Flowers for the Balcony

You must take a few things into account before selecting flowers for your balcony or terrace. If you have a long-term plan for the area, then it’s essential that the plants get everything they need. It’s important to take into account the following:

  • Amount of sun
  • Wind
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Knowing their watering needs and sticking to a watering schedule
  • General maintenance.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best balcony flowers.

1. Geraniums

flowers for the balcony

These are outdoor plants with highly attractive flowers that come in rich, lively colors. Geraniums are easy to maintain and have a very pleasant aroma. In addition, they’re quite hardy and bloom throughout summer. And so there are many varieties that adapt perfectly to balconies.

To care for them you must:

  • Place them in a sunny spot.
  • Keep them away from cold drafts.
  • Water them twice a week.
  • Fertilize them every 15 days.
  • Prune them in the spring.

2. Begonias

flowers for the balcony

With their lush foliage and flowers in various colors, begonias are beautiful flowers for the balcony. They come in red, orange, pink, white and yellow center. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, and hang in clusters.

To care for them you must:

  • First, place them in a moderately shaded location.
  • Then, keep them away from direct light.
  • Add compost regularly to the pots.
  • Water three times a week.
  • Choose a location to place them and don’t move them.
  • Finally, don’t handle them too much.

3. Petunias

This plant is about 10 to 20 inches high and grows in clumps, and this makes them ideal flowers for balcony pots. The flowers may be smooth or have wavy edges. They come in red, pink, violet and bi-colored stripes. Also, they have a strong aroma.

To care for them:

  • Water them daily and abundantly. Try to keep the water off the leaves and flowers.
  • Place them in a well-lit location.
  • Fertilize them every 15 days during the flowering season.

4. Pansies

flowers for the balcony

If you want a colorful and cheerful place, then check out the pansies.

These are small flowers that come in a variety of complementary palettes. They bloom at the beginning of the spring and are perky almost throughout the entire cold season. They can be potted by themselves, put in planters with other flowers, and even be used as hanging plants. All these qualities make the pansy a perfect flower for any balcony.

To care for them:

  • First, plant them in fertile soil.
  • Then, place them in a sunny spot.
  • Water them thoroughly once a week.
  • Finally, don’t water the leaves and flowers, as moisture is conducive to fungi.

5. Zinnias

Also known as paper flowers, zinnias range from 3 to 35 inches high, depending on the variety. In addition, these are large flowers of intense yellow color with orange centers, although they may come in other colors. In fact, they’re well known for attracting butterflies. The shape of the petals may be single or double layered.

To care for them:

  • First, they should be placed in sunny spots and exposed to warm temperatures.
  • Then, they may be potted or planted directly in a garden bed.
  • Water them frequently (don’t water the leaves or flowers directly).
  • Fertilize them every 15 days. Only during the flowering season.
  • Don’t expose them to frost.
  • Finally, these flowers don’t require pruning.

Finally,  before choosing flowers for the balcony, read the care requirements for each kind of plant carefully so they’ll be able to reach maximum development.

Light up your balcony and your life by adding these beautiful flower varieties to your place!

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