Five Important Things You Learn After You Become a Mom

Before you become a mom, you'll be really excited about the experience of motherhood. However, it's important for you to know the five things you'll discover after you become a mom.
Five Important Things You Learn After You Become a Mom

Last update: 10 October, 2019

How many times have you heard a woman say that she learned many new things after she became a mom? This exciting journey is characterized by many surprises that you probably would’ve liked to be prepared for. In this article, we’ll share some of the things you’ll learn after you become a mom. Although every woman and experience is unique, all of them have certain things in common.

Five important things you’ll discover after you become a mom

1. You’ll have to forgive yourself for many things

First, before you become a mom, you have a very superficial idea of motherhood. However much they tell you, you’ll never know what it entails until you experience it yourself. This is because each case is unique and you’re going to write your own story.

Even if you read all the manuals and listen to all the advice, you’ll eventually discover that you have to let your motherly instincts guide you. You’ll have to forgive yourself for many things that you won’t be able to do as expected.

It’s interesting to know that not all mothers feel love at first sight with their babies. Sometimes, it takes a while for the bond to build. However, don’t blame yourself! The important thing is for you to follow your natural rhythm.

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2. Your relationship with your partner will change

A couple with their son: she's become a mom

Your relationship will change, as will other important things will require both of your attention.

Second of all, it’s inevitable for the relationship with your partner to change when you have a child together. However, the change doesn’t have to be negative. It’s in your hands to direct this new stage and ensure it’s positive for the whole family.

Before you become a mom, your life revolves around your partner, family, and work issues, among other things. However, after your first child is born, all the attention turns to your newborn, who requires care 24 hours a day. Until you experience it yourself, you won’t understand it.

Hormonal changes, fatigue, sleepiness, stress, worries, decisions… they’re all challenges that both partners will have to face with patience, love, and teamwork. Also, they need to strive to ensure the spark of intimacy and romance doesn’t burn out.

3. Start pelvic floor exercises before you become a mom

Of all the recommendations you’ll hear, listen to those regarding pelvic floor exercises. Your quality of life will depend largely on this part of your body you may not have heard about before.

Ideally, you should know the exercises before you become a mother. In fact, it’s much better if you learn them before you even become pregnant. Being aware of your pelvic floor is becoming increasingly important, especially for young girls who suffer from urine leakage when they laugh or sneeze.

Take this seriously!

4. It’s not always easy to become pregnant

A woman who can't get pregnant but wants to become a mom

Conceiving a child in the first attempts isn’t always possible. Therefore, take your time and consult your trusted doctor if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant.

Many women hope to become pregnant in the first month. However, this only happens in a small percentage of cases. Many people don’t know this until they start looking for information because they believe they aren’t fertile.

Doctors recommend not worrying before trying for at least a year. However, if you want to make this easier for you, you can use ovulation calendars and tests and follow a balanced and nutritious diet.

Also, you can get regular blood tests to detect possible deficiencies. However, the most important thing is to prevent anxiety and frustration. Instead, enjoy this stage with enthusiasm and optimism.

5. You’ll want to relive the difficult days

Finally, many of the first days or weeks with your newborn will probably be much more intense than you imagined. Plus, you won’t always take them in stride.

However, a few years from now, you’ll remember them with great nostalgia and even want to relive them again. After you become a mom, you’ll finally understand the old saying: “The days are long, but the years are short.”

Therefore, learn to enjoy every moment!

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