Five Foods that will Improve Your Health and Body

· October 7, 2014

Certain foods have been said to be harmful for our health. However, in the last few years, innumerable studies have been performed which have discovered that these foods are actually not that bad, but quite the opposite; they could provide a lot of healing benefits and prevention from different pains.

This group of said foods includes chocolate and green tea, which have been categorized as two truly miraculous foods for the large amount of health benefits that they provide our bodies with.  However, several foods are still not talked about much, yet could be equally as beneficial.

Recent studies performed…

A group of researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania discovered that popcorn, due to its low water content, has very concentrated levels of antioxidants.



Be careful with microwave prepared popcorn, as these contain a lot of caramel, sugar, or butter (which is not good), and this duplicates the calories.  Opt for natural varieties.

Black tea

Black tea is another one of the foods that could be very beneficial for health, as indicated by studies.  Those that drink more than 3 cups of black tea throughout the day were up to 70% less likely to suffer from coronary diseases.  It is also known that drinking at least two cups of black tea a day can improve brain function and attention.



Coffee helps keep energy high throughout the entire day.  One study performed in 2012 confirmed that coffee can protect us from cancer, but be careful with this drink because if drank excessively, it could alter your nerves.

According to this study, people that drink more than three cups of coffee a day were nearly 50% less likely to suffer from mouth or throat cancer.


Eggs have always had a bad reputation because they are related to high cholesterol levels.  However, a lot of experts agree that they could provide a lot of health benefits due to their high content of folic acid, calcium, iron, and selenium.  Eggs are a highly nutritious food, and can undoubtedly be part of a nutritious diet.

Eggs help us feel fuller for a longer amount of time.  This rich food contains choline, which is a very important compound for memory and brain function, as well as keeping the liver healthy.



In 2011, researchers from the University of Copenhagen embarked on the task of studying the effects of a diet rich in cheese on bad cholesterol levels.  In this study it was found that in people that eat more cheese, their bad cholesterol levels did not increase.  Quite the opposite, these levels lowered when they stopped eating butter and switched to eating more cheese.

Researchers concluded that this happens because cheese contains more proteins derived from calcium, which allows the body to better control bad cholesterol.  This doesn’t mean we want you to turn into a fanatic that just eats cheese.  Don’t forget that this food is rich in fat and should not be eaten excessively.