First Signs of Cancer That 90% of People Ignore

Although sometimes they could be due to other causes, it is very important not to ignore any of these signs and to consult a doctor to get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment
First Signs of Cancer That 90% of People Ignore

Last update: 14 January, 2019

Cancer warns us. As soon as it appears, there are some first signs of cancer that can be essential to achieving early detectionThese may be the key to ensuring that the disease does not progress further and is diagnosed in time.

90% of people tend to ignore these symptoms, so it’s worth bearing them in mind.

If one thing is important with a disease like cancer, it’s early diagnosis. Thus, if you observe any of these symptoms, don’t be alarmed, but do turn to your doctor and explain what’s happening.

It might be nothing, but if you do have any kind of cancer, it’s much better that you start to treat it as soon as possible. In these cases, prevention is better than cure.

1. Irregularities on the skin

First Signs of Cancer

The appearance of irregularities on the skin can be one of the first signs of skin cancer as well as breast cancer. However, it’s not the only sign. It’s also related to the appearance of lumps, both in the breasts and the armpit area.

  • In this case, you’re also likely to experience irritation or to see spots of unknown origin that are unrelated to allergic reactions to foods or cosmetics.
  • If you see gaping wounds appear in the middle of the irregularity or if your moles are growing and changing size, see your doctor as soon as possible.

2. Prolonged cough

If you suddenly start having prolonged attacks of coughing with no apparent cause, you might need to switch on your alarm bells.

  • A prolonged cough is one of the symptoms of this disease that comes accompanied by a reduction in appetite and rapid weight loss.
  • And in the more advanced stages of lung cancer, coughing with blood and being short of breath is common.

3. Itching

If you experience itching sensations, you need to bear in mind that in the majority of cases this has nothing to do with cancer.

However, what is true is that sometimes it can be related. From a clinical perspective, there are studies that give evidence for this.

  • It is important to bear in mind that growths in the womb cause itching in the area of the genitals.
  • On the other hand, brain cancer can be accompanied by itching in the area of the nostrils, too. Pay attention to see if this is happening to you.

4. Pay attention to your intestines

Pay attention to your intestines

One of the first signs of colon cancer is related to the functioning of the intestine.

  • You need to see whether you observe blood, mucus or pus in your stool or if you suffer from serious digestive problems.

5. The color of your urine

Another aspect you should watch out for and bear in mind is the color of your urine. This is because this could be a symptom of kidney cancer.

In this case, it might also be accompanied by other symptoms like:

6. Weight loss

As we’ve mentioned, rapid weight loss is another of the symptoms that you should bear in mind. This is specific to stomach cancer.

However, in the first stage this symptom will be barely noticeable, but it will later by accompanied by:

  • Inexplicable repulsion towards meat;
  • Getting full quickly;
  • Anemia;
  • Obstruction of foods.

7. Prolonged sore throat

Prolonged sore throat

A prolonged sore throat can be another symptom of throat cancer and it is most commonly accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Firstly, difficulty with breathing and pain when swallowing;
  • Growth in the neoplasm, so that the person feels the presence of a foreign body in the throat;
  • The voice goes croaky and little by little is lost completely;
  • Phlegm with blood and smelling of pus appears in the mouth.

Although it’s important to bear in mind that these observations are not decisive when it comes to making a diagnosis, they are a solid basis for diagnosing the disease.

So, if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms first signs of cancer, don’t hesitate to see your doctor as soon as possible.

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