Finding the Perfect Time to Quit Smoking

Finding the Perfect Time to Quit Smoking

Last update: 09 November, 2018

When it comes to finding the perfect time to quit smoking, choose a moment that will help make it a once-and-for-all decision and lower your risk of relapse.

The perfect time to quit smoking is now. However, there are certain situations or life circumstances that may make it better to wait until they change. Since it will be a huge change — we’re talking about an addiction, after all — you want it to be at the right moment. This article will help you find the perfect time to quit smoking.

When it’s not the perfect time to quit smoking

Certain situations will make it harder than it needs to be if you want to give up smoking.

If you’re not convinced

The perfect time to quit smoking.

The first step to quitting any addiction is to recognize that you have one. Second is to be convinced that you need to quit. Otherwise you’ll find all kinds of reasons to pick it back up and relapse will be almost inevitable.

Program your mind with the need to change:

  • List out on paper the cons of smoking. This will strengthen your willpower. The longer the list, the more likely you are to follow through.
  • Next, list out the positive things you’ll gain from quitting.
  • Finally, sign the lists and make a contract with yourself. It’s a mental contract, but making a signed commitment to give up smoking on a certain date can really help.

If you’re on vacation

Vacations aren’t the perfect time to quit smoking, since you will have too much free time. And you’ll end up thinking about smoking all the time. In addition, you may end up doing more social activities that you associate with smoking.

If you’re very stressed

Stressed out woman.

When you’re going through a period of intense stress, it is much harder to quit. You’re probably convinced that smoking relaxes you, so the anxiety will pressure you to pick up a cigarette.

If you’re in a crisis

Critical life situations, like the loss of a loved one, getting let go at work, divorce, and big moves, are not the perfect time to quit smoking. Your strong feelings may make it almost impossible to see beyond the immediate situation to your reasons for quitting.

If you’re in very tempting situations

The perfect time to quit smoking.

Giving up smoking will mean staying away from the common temptation of friends, families, and coworkers who still smoke. You must stay away from anything that will tempt you to fall back into the habit.

If you’re unemployed

If you have a lot of free time, like we mentioned earlier, it will be hard to keep up the willpower needed to stop smoking. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to stay busy with positive, constructive things, such as:

  • Exercising or practicing a sport
  • Walking daily
  • Doing something creative, like painting, writing, or making music

It’s vital that you don’t let yourself get bored. Stay active because free time is a major temptation.

The perfect time to quit smoking

If you have a partner who doesn’t smoke

A couple.

If your partner doesn’t smoke, it’s a golden opportunity for support. In addition, people who don’t smoke generally don’t like their partners to smoke, so making them happy and loving them means quitting.

If you’re hospitalized

If you’re hospitalized for some reason, you obviously won’t be allowed to smoke. This forced abstinence could be an ideal first step to giving it up. It’s a great opportunity, because isn’t the first part the hardest? Then, after you come home, you can re-commit to the decision and get focused with professional help.

If you’re healthy and happy

When you get married, have a child, graduate… there are all kinds of big moments in life that make you happy. In fact, they’re precisely the perfect time to quit smoking, since the energy and happiness will strengthen your entire self.

A man breaking a cigarette in half.

Something as sad as this makes you think about how harmful your addiction really is. Take the positive out of the loss and honor your loved one by quitting.

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Living with others, especially children

People who live with smokers are at great risk. It’s a responsible decision to quit smoking for them, especially if they are especially vulnerable, like children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

To conclude, if you never find the perfect time to quit smoking, if you’re ever searching and never finding it, get professional help. Remember that you’re putting yourself and those close to you in danger this whole time.

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