Find Out How to Stretch Your Spine in Just 2 Minutes

· December 21, 2016

You need two minutes – just 120 seconds – to stretch your spine and relieve back pain. It’s that easy.

To do this you only need three things: a rug, a tennis ball, and an elastic band.

If you make your body get used to this simple exercise every day, you will benefit from better postural and physical well-being, which will contribute directly to your quality of life.

Also, if you suffer from lower back pain or if you spend a lot of time sitting down, don’t hesitate to try out this stretch. This stretching technique, which has its origin in a very specific yoga posture, will prevent you from straining your back as well as help you avoid possible injuries.

This stretch is not magic or a casual remedy. Instead, it’s a simple and easy physical exercise that we all have within our reach.

We’ll explain more about this exercise below.

Your body speaks to you, but you don’t listen

We’re sure that, on more than one occasion, you’ve arrived home feeling that someone’s hammered a nail in your back. You tilt your head and move your shoulders, and the discomfort seems to go away a little.

Then you go to bed and the next day and wake up rested. Everything is fine – at least, for now. You can avoid overloading your back for a month, two months or three months.

However, if our work forces us to sit in the same position for several hours, sooner or later we’ll get lower back pain, whiplash or even chronic tension headaches.

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  • Our body communicates with us every day. Cramps, a stiff neck, headaches, tingling sensations in our hands, a burning sensation in our lower back are all messages our body sends us.
    Furthermore, all these are symptoms of a backbone that we’re not taking care of.
  • We also can’t forget that our emotions directly impact our spine.
  • Factors such as stress, anxiety, nerves or worries tighten all those areas between the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccyx areas.

Stretches can help you

Stretching your spine for only two minutes each day can help you feel much better. You may think this is too simple, or too elementary to help you ease back pain.

However, the key to all this is in the following aspects:

  • When we sit with a bad posture this cuts off the blood supply to our joint surfaces until they become more rigid little by little.


  • However, when doing stretches, we enhance the overall blood flow to areas of the body and this stimulates our muscles, to restore flexibility to our joints.
  • Also, something as simple as getting used to stretching every day will help you decrease muscle tension and improve your coordination.
  • We also have to remember that we must look after one of our senses that not everyone knows about, in order to improve the health of our muscles and joints. This sense is proprioception.
  • Proprioception helps us to develop body awareness. We enhance the natural ability that our body has to detect movement and the position of our joints.

Learn how to stretch your spine in just 2 minutes

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To stretch your spine you will need a space in your home where you can lie down. Try to make it a comfortable surface on which your back is straight.

  • New let’s focus this simple exercise, which works the muscle group where the hamstrings are concentrated.
  • This is one of the most common stretches in the sports field and, because of its ease and effectiveness, it’ll be very useful.

What you need

  • A mat or rug to lie on
  • A strap or band
  • A tennis ball

How to do this exercise

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Lie on the rug or mat, so that your entire back is straight and in contact with the ground.
  • Now place the tennis ball under your lumbar region.
  • After this grab the strap or the band: you should place it on the sole of the foot, not in the center, but a little more towards your fingers.
  • Grab the band with your hands and stretch your leg for about 20 seconds or as long as your body allows.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Then repeat the same exercise on the other leg.
  • Ideally, you should do this stretching exercise for over two minutes.

The ball on your lower back will allow you to become aware of your back while doing the stretches. However,  you can do this exercise without the ball if you prefer.

It’s important to practice this exercise every day. Overall, it’s a simple and spectacular way to stretch your back to prevent injuries and to avoid putting too much pressure on it.

However, remember not to overexert yourself when doing this exercise and do it according to your ability, so as not to hurt yourself.