Find Out What Pet is Most Beneficial for You

Determining what pet is most beneficial will depend a lot on the personal characteristics of the individual who will be in charge of it.
Find Out What Pet is Most Beneficial for You

Last update: 05 January, 2019

Having a pet can improve our overall health.  The benefits are both physical and psychological. According to the opinions of some experts,  these benefits are quite impressive.

However, there are some pets that are more beneficial than others from a sanitary aspect.

Some pets can be very risky to have if they don’t have the proper care.  For example, this is what happens with the green iguana.

Experts mostly recommend cats and dogs

It’s not unusual that cats and dogs are the most popular species among pet lovers. Both are domesticated, healthy, adaptive and we have developed an extensive knowledge about these animals, especially in the veterinary world.

Both animals can transmit microorganisms that affect humans. Because of cleanliness and vaccinations, we have measures to prevent any infection or virus.

Speaking of health, there are some differences between these domesticated animals.

Cats and the minor risk of toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is perhaps the only negative when we compare cats and dogs.

We are talking about a disease transmitted by the parasite toxoplasma gondi that can generate considerable negative effects on pregnant women.

Counting on an efficient immune system is fundamental to avoid the dangers of this infection.

However, truthfully, the majority of cat owners are immune to this and develop anti-bodies that combat this illness, many times asymptomatic.

If we ask ourselves what pet is the most beneficial to our health, dogs seems to win with a bit of advantage over cats.

This doesn’t mean that felines are not an excellent pet for the home.

Health benefits for having a dog at home

Having a dog as a pet can bring great benefits to emotional health.

Contact with these animals constantly liberates dopamine and serotonin.  These two substances combat stress and cardiac dysfunction.

That is not the only way a dog helps to protect our heart.

According to a study done in the United States, people affected by heart disease who have dogs, have a longer life expectancy than other people.

This is logical since people that have dogs take daily walks of at least 20 minutes.

That increases physical activity and improves cardiac rhythm.  In addition, pet lovers have less probability of falling into depressive states.

Dogs and allergy problems

There are people who can’t tolerate the fur of this type of domestic animal.  Allergies continue to be a problem for owners of many pets.

Many experts point out that children with dogs are less apt to suffer allergies.

The reason is that the immune system adapts to living with a pet.   Adding to this, the bacteriological flora of the canines can contribute to strengthening our own defenses.

In any case, the patients with allergies can choose breeds that don’t have fur. Some of these are the xoloitzcuitele, the Argentine pila or the Chinese crested dog, among others.

Another alternative is an English bulldog, due to the fact that it has a thick coat that is fairly short.

How to determine what pet is the most beneficial to your health

Knowing what pet is the most beneficial to our health will depend on the analysis of many variables:

•   The first thing is to find out what species are the most risky for humans.

•   The second thing is to find out which are the health benefits of our favorite pets.

In the past, it was believed that pets like hamsters and turtles were good for children.  Today we know that both of these pets carry germs and infections as dangerous as salmonella.

Dogs continue to be “man’s best friend”

Dogs continue to be the most practical pet if we take into account health.  Living with them poses few dangers and their company generates proven positive effects in our lives.

Nevertheless, with all of this, determining which pet is most beneficial depends on the exact science of reality and the preferences of each person.

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