Discover How to Decorate a Room in Vintage Style

When it comes to decorating in vintage style, there are no limits as long as the pieces you use take you back in time. Pastel tones can always help you achieve your ideal look
Discover How to Decorate a Room in Vintage Style

Last update: 21 December, 2018

In the design world, vintage style refers to any item that increases in value as time goes on.

The term ‘vintage’ has revolutionized the world of design, fashion and decoration. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go and look for antique stores.

There are materials in your home that go hand-in-hand with this concept.

Do you want to decorate a room? Then go ahead and look for any item that you can paint or restore or an item that has a vibrant or pastel color.

The important thing is to not skip the details: necklaces, laces, furniture, curtains, ribbons, watches, flowers, lamps, candles, chests, books, lights, photo frames or old cameras. Use whatever comes to mind!

Basically, everything that you think doesn’t belong in this era will look spectacular.

The key is to create a peaceful atmosphere that’s romantic and intimate.




Candles are absolutely necessary for any vintage-style decoration. The combination of vibrant colors when you light the candles after the sun goes down will give the room a romantic touch that will calm the atmosphere.


Flowers that have pastel tones, whether they are natural or artificial, are recommended, as long as they follow the same color pallet. You can try to place them as a centerpiece, to adorn the entrance or even make an arc with them.


vintage style wood

It’s time to recycle those wooden boxes that you haven’t used in a long time. 

  • They look really good filled with flowers or Christmas lights or when used as a box for party bottles or for the dessert table.
  • Some people even use them as a base for lamps or candles.
  • Logs are also a good option.


When it comes to curtains, you have several options: you can choose vibrant or translucent colors to decorate tables or the garden.

  • However, if your curtains are lightly colored, choose a pale pink or cream.
  • Using pastel colored ribbons to contrast the colors will be enough.
  • If you like, try them with patterns or lace.



It’s time to transport your photos back 20 years. With the help of old photo frames and black and white printouts, your wall will look like it’s from your grandparent’s time.

  • Try to make sure the frame is made of wood. In fact, you can use plants or trees if it’s outside.
  • Use string, pins or ribbon to hang them up.

A bicycle

You can be creative and have a bicycle to decorate or receive guests.

Place some floral arrangements, lights, baskets and even candles in a glass jar, and it will look amazing.



When placed inside a chest full with other antiquities, these stones automatically make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. It gives a feminine, but also masculine touch. In reality, everybody likes pearls.

  • We recommend that you put them on tables and around flowers without taking the time to place them perfectly. The objective is to make them look natural.

A dish

If you don’t want the room to look out of place, then it’s recommended that you place a dish somewhere in it. Floral designs and pastel tones are advised, especially teacups.

A cage

A cage

Size doesn’t matter: open cages with candles, flowers or lights give a romantic and tranquil touch to the room.


If you want your event to be truly unforgettable, then include an antique. For example, old telephones, record players, vinyl discs, watches or an old chest are all great options.



With regards to lighting, dim lights are much better. Less is more.

Avoid filling the place up with lights and if it’s a closed space, take advantage of natural light. This creates a peaceful atmosphere and allows you to appreciate the details of the decoration.


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Finally, one item that you can’t do without is a mirror. Have fun decorating mirrors, paint them with vibrant colors and put flowers and lights around them.

You can also try to give it a more rustic feel if you glue a few pieces on top of some wood.

Now that you have the essential list of accessories that you need to give your room a vintage touch, all you have to do now is turn your creativity into a reality!

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