Butterflies in Your Stomach: Possible Causes

· October 10, 2018
The sensation of emptiness or a void in your stomach, can be worrisome. If this happens, talk to your doctor.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably had the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. It happens to everyone. It’s a feeling we associate with nerves. Sometimes we say it’s a feeling given to us by our second brain.

However, this feeling can be a sign of a serious health issue if it persists for a long time and is accompanied by pain.

It could be caused simply by stress or a digestive issue. Or, it could be a symptom of a more serious disease.

In this article, we will go over some possible causes of this feeling of butterflies. If you are experiencing this and it is bothersome or you have questions, talk to your doctor. They can offer you the best diagnosis and help.

Why do I have butterflies in my stomach?

To start with, there are many feelings we get in our stomach. We generally know why we have pain or feel nervous.

When we eat certain types of food, we know how it’s going to make us feel. Also, feeling stressed for extended periods of time have plenty of negative consequences for your health. Nervousness and stress can wreak havoc on our digestive system.

You might feel unsettled, lose your appetite, or even suffer from diarrhea.

Intense pain is a clear sign that you have a problem. Let’s take a look at what kinds of health issues can be related to pain.

stomach with gastritis


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Feeling butterflies in your stomach is one of the main symptoms of gastritis. In the case of gastritis, the butterfly feeling lasts all day long.

The feeling is so intense, it makes you tired. It also causes all kinds of other problems. The feeling may even make it impossible to stay on your feet.

  • This feeling is due to the irritation of the gastric mucosa. This is the membrane that goes around the stomach. A lot of people experience problems with gastritis at some point in their lives. The irritation begins with an infection in the gastric mucosa.
  • There are other things that can irritate the gastric mucosa. Some of these things include alcohol, fatty foods, and medications.
  • There are also other symptoms that come with gastritis. They include fever, tremors, vomiting, dizziness, chills, and in extreme cases, blood in the stool or vomit.

It’s important to receive proper treatment for your specific case. After all, every person has different medical needs. 

We also need to remember that children can feel these things too. If your child feels butterflies or pain in their stomach, they need to see a doctor.

Peptic ulcer

Like we said before, there are many types of pain. Here is one we can identify easily.

  • Feeling butterflies in your stomach one to three hours after eating is usually caused by peptic ulcers.
peptic ulcer feels like butterflies in your stomach

Peptic ulcers happen when our gastric acids wear away part of the stomach lining.

  • This feeling of pain or butterflies comes after eating or at night. It can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.
  • The most common cause of these ulcers is the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. However, some anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, for example) can cause also them.
  • It is important to keep in mind that stress and spicy foods tend to aggravate this condition.

How can you relieve the butterflies in your stomach?

As we said, the first thing to do is talk to your doctor. They are the best person to tell you what you have and how to treat it. When you know what is causing this feeling, you can then figure out how to treat it.

There are some home remedies we can use to treat this symptom. They are helpful if you have a problem with gastritis or ulcers.

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aloe vera gel

Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Drink lukewarm water mixed with a tablespoon of honey. It should never be hot or cold.
  • Drink raw, organic carrot juice.
  • Drink ginger tea. This can be very therapeutic. Ginger tea calms the pain and helps you feel better.
  • Coconut water is also good.
  • Potato juice has been used for ages to treat ulcers. To make it, grate potatoes on a medium grate. Then, squeeze the grated potato to get the juice.
  • Aloe vera is also very helpful. You can try drinking aloe tea a couple times a day.
  • Papaya and pears are also very good. They help you feel better when we have stomach problems.

Don’t forget to watch your diet. You should make an effort to avoid fatty foods and other foods that aggravate your condition. You should always know why you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Remember, your health should be a top priority.

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