What Your Face Says About Your Skin

· April 8, 2015

The color of your eyes, your skin type, wrinkles, eye circles, features… your whole face speaks about you, your health, your emotional state, and your diet.

In this article, we will explain some of these signs that are not only interesting, but can also help you know yourself better and improve your health problems.


Your skin can be influenced by your diet, which should contain essential fatty acids and get enough hydration (from water and raw foods) to look nourished. On the other hand, when there is excess grease or blemishes, it means that you are eating too much fat, which isn’t healthy for your body.



Facial Tension

When a person is too demanding on themselves or others, this tension tends to manifest itself on their facial features, which will look rigid. The tension will show on the jaw, which in some cases can cause Bruxism, headaches, or other health problems.

Eye Color

There are three colors:

  • Blue: active people, physically resistant, motivated and sensitive, and tend to have nervous system problems.
  • Brown: people that don’t tend to have health problems until after thirty years old, when they can have circulatory problems, allergies, or analytical problems.
  • Green or a mixture of both colors: they are a combination of blue and brown eyes and therefore can have a mixture of the characteristics of one or the other in accordance to if their color is lighter or darker


Eye Circles

Many people tend to have eye circles often and this, besides giving a tired and aged look to your face, can mean something according to the color of the eye circles:

  • Yellow: It almost always points to the liver and bladder. In this case it means that these organs are being overworked.
  • Dark colored or black: These mean that the kidney, bladder, and reproductive organs are affected, which is the cause of an old problem in the digestive system.
  • Pale color or grey: This also means the kidneys or in some case, the lungs. In this case, some organ is not functioning properly because of improper lymphatic draining. In other cases, it could refer to the hormonal system.

Crows’ Feet

Crow’s feet or wrinkles that appear on the sides of your eyes also mean that the liver is weakened, which is why if you start to have them from an early age, it would be best to take care of this organ with a good diet and keep in mind that negative emotions like anger will also directly affect them.


We all know that pupils adapt their size to the light wherever you are, but when you see that they are bigger than usual, regardless of the light, this could be due to stress or the presence of intestinal parasites. You can confirm Parasitosis if you also notice burning on the tip of your nose, intestinal or digestive problems, change in appetite, anxiety, etc.

Bags Under Your Eyes

The bags that appear under your eyes, that tend to make you look sad and stressed, are saying that the digestive and excretion organs are congested. Your body is not properly getting rid of toxic substances. Sometimes these bags appear when you wake up, after eating dinner late or in excess, and can disappear in a few hours. However, you should still keep cleansing your body in mind.

When these bags become chronic and instead of containing water, they contain grease, this is a more serious state. It would be best to do a checkup to see if there are possible inflamed organs or the presence of a cyst.

Red Nose

A red nose refers to a heart that is overworked, which is why you should control it especially if you have family or personal history of cardiac problems. You can do this by taking care of your diet, doing gentle massages, controlling nerves, etc.