Exercises to Fight Eyestrain

Doctors say that eyestrain is an inevitable part of aging. Still, there are some exercises you can do every day to relieve pain. Ready for eye toning?
Exercises to Fight Eyestrain

Last update: 04 April, 2019

Fight eyestrain, everyone says. Yet doctors say that eyestrain is an inevitable part of aging. However, if you pay attention to the name, eyestrain, you can also think of it as more than an unavoidable disease. Eyestrain can be imbalance caused by working too hard.

In this article, we will explain some exercises that will help relax and tone ocular musculature, to fight eyestrain. If you get used to doing them a few minutes every day, you will greatly improve or even stop having eyestrain altogether.

The 7 best exercises to fight eyestrain

1. Massages and Facial Expressions

Before beginning the exercises, it is important that you relax the musculature around your eyes. Starting with the internal part of your eyebrows, put pressure on them by making almost imperceptible small circles and move towards the external part of the eyebrow.

Then, move downwards and follow the shape until you get to the beginning of the eyebrow again. If you would like, you can use a little bit of almond or onagra oil.

You can also help relax your entire face if you spend a minute doing all kinds of facial expressions. Try and move it as much as you can, engaging your whole face: lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, etc.

Then, rest for a few seconds before continuing and breath deeply. In addition to fighting eyestrain, this is also a good exercise to keep your face young.


2. Patting to Fight Eyestrain

Patting is one of the nicest exercises there is. To do this, rub your hands together to get them warm, especially if they are cold. Then, put the palms of your hands on your closed eyes.

Also, if you have dry eyes, blink many times in a row and lastly, tightly close your eyes to relax them.

3. Conscious Tension

Often, many people have eyestrain because they excessively tense their eye muscles without realizing it. That is why we will teach you how to consciously tense them in this exercise in order to cause relaxation afterward.

Any time is a good time to tense and relax your muscles. This is especially true when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

This exercise simply consists of closing your eyes and being conscious of the pressure of your eyelids and even your eyeballs. At first, it will seem like they are relaxed.

Nevertheless, as you concentrate, you will slowly realize that when you tighten your eyelids, the eyeball does not rest in the space, that your cheekbones are raised, your eyebrows and forehead tightened, etc.

The first few times, you can also take advantage of alternating relaxation with the tension you cause that we mentioned previously (tightly close your eyes for a couple of seconds and relax, etc.)

4. Go Cross-Eyed

This exercise is great for working the oblique muscles of the eye and is very effective for fighting eyestrain. It’s very easy too, you must only look at the tip of your nose.

If it is hard at the beginning, you can start by putting a finger in front of you and following it. You can also follow your nasal septum to the space between your eyebrows.

It is surprising that you can observe parts of your face without needing a mirror. Don’t go over 10-15 seconds without giving your vision a rest, especially the first few times.

5. Circles

One of the most basic exercises consists of making circles with your vision, trying to make the roundest circle possible.

You should circle first towards one side and then the other, and focus on what parts of your eyes want to avoid the curving lining or jump over some point. As a result, you will be able to work the different ocular muscles. Having toned eye muscles is one of the key factors to fight eyestrain.


6. Look Closely and Look Far Away

The best way to work your vision is to go outside in search of an open natural area. Try to go to a place with views of a mountain, valley, sea, etc.

Once you find the perfect place, all you have to do is look at close details (a flower, rock, etc.) and alternate them with faraway panoramic views. In this exercise, you are stretching your vision as far as you can. This is an easy and very efective way to fight eyestrain.

Also, the colors of nature, especially green, have balancing therapeutic, relaxing, and toning effects that will help improve your vision and mood.

7. Fresh Water

Another way to relax and tone ocular musculature consists of splashing cold water on your closed eyes. You can do it whenever you want throughout the day, and it will be especially effective when you feel your eyes are red or are too hot.

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