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Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

According to history, the kiss originated in the year 2500 BC. Stories from primitive tribes in India have confirmed this. But does anyone really know how to kiss?
Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

Last update: 04 January, 2019

How would you rate yourself when it comes to kissing? Do you think you know how to kiss?

Kissing is more than just a touch. You use 34 facial muscles, in addition to 134 muscles from other parts of your body.

There is even a science to research this phenomenon, known as philematology. Its goal is to study the human response that occurs when you kiss.

Regardless of your gender, everyone goes through a moment of anxiety and nervousness before kissing another person.

You worry about your performance, you doubt you really know how to kiss, and you think about other concerns, like using too much tongue, wondering if you should bite the lip of the other person, how much saliva should there be?

You definitely don’t want it to be a bad experience.

About kissing and what happens when you kiss

During a kiss, your senses of taste, touch, and smell are activated. This creates an emotional and chemical reaction between both participants.

In addition, certain substances found in your saliva are released. Three hormones are responsible for providing that sense of euphoria after a kiss: oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins.

The fact that you derive pleasure from kissing doesn’t mean that you’re doing it right, however.

A mental connection and physical attraction are required to get that real shock in your body, which experts say is similar to an overdose of amphetamines.

Pay close attention to the following tips so you can surprise your partner next time you kiss.

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Physical and mental communication


A person who attracts you won’t have particular features that you find beautiful, because you’ll see them in a subjective way.

This attraction allows you to maintain a desire and interest in that person, so if you only focus on the physical you’ll get tired of kissing them.

The key is that they attract you mentally – you like the way they act and think. You also enjoy talking, laughing, and discussing one topic after another.

When you fall in love with someone’s mind, you’ll never stop kissing them, because it’s a strong emotional bond.

The right place

Most people feel more comfortable being intimate in a private place. They have an opportunity to be close.

Remember that kissing is an art and inspiration is required to set the desired mood. In this way, you’re able to establish a different form of communication.

The feelings between both of you are strengthened because it’s only between you and no one else.

And when no one can see you, it’s easier to get carried away.

Choose the right moment


This isn’t just about the approach, but in the way, it’s carried out. It’s very important to take visual contact into account.

When your eyes meet, try to understand the meaning and pay attention to the other person’s body language.

It’s clear that seduction is present before the kiss. Is now the right time?

If someone does the following, they’re ready: reaching out to touch you, more accelerated breathing, watching to see if you’re paying attention.

Pay attention: did they moisten their lips. This is a natural response when someone feels nervous or unsure and might indicate that they want to kiss you.

But be careful! Perhaps their body language is telling you that they don’t want to be kissed.

If they keep their distance when you’re near them or cross their arms, it’s best not to invade their personal space.

Take your time

It’s about following the breadcrumbs until you find your partner. Make it soft and slow, before reaching their lips.

You can start with light kisses on the collarbone, neck, or ear, and whisper sweet nothings. Be careful not to use too much tongue or saliva.

Once you reach their lips, try some small kisses. Only then should you open your mouth and increase the intensity.

Pay attention


Why do people kiss? Because we want to enjoy our partner and it’s an act that allows us to get to know each other better, to understand what they like and dislike.

That’s why it’s important to analyze the details and pay attention to the feelings of the other person.

Once you evaluate it, try to decide if you really know how to kiss. On the other hand, don’t forget certain other movements.

It’s a good time to touch their hair, stroke their back, use the tips of your fingers to feel their face. Once you master this technique, let your creativity take hold.

The benefits of knowing how to kiss

  • It fights stress;
  • And, it improves the appearance of your skin;
  • It reduces cholesterol levels;
  • Also, it helps prevent cavities;
  • It improves circulation;
  • Additionally, it helps you burn calories;
  • It’s a natural treatment for depression;
  • Lastly, it reduces the effects of pain.
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