Essential Items for Newborn babies

26 September, 2018
Baby clothes are something that every future mom should have prepared. There are a number of must-haves for a newborn. Read about them today!

For the most part, soon-to-be grandmothers usually are the ones to help shed some light on these questions. They play an important part during the pregnancy. They often buy the clothes and accessories necessary for the baby’s arrival, working side-by-side with the future father of course.

If your baby is average in terms of size and weight, the “newborn” size will be a perfect fit. But babies grow up fast, so consider buying 0 to 3 months-sized clothes as well.

Today, we’d like to leave you with a nice list of all the newborn clothes that you can start buying in addition to an idea of how many you’ll need. They’re essentials for the first days of your newborn.

Clothes that are a must for newborn babies

Most pregnant women start buying clothes before finding out their baby’s gender. Some women even find out only upon giving birth. However, the thing that matters is buying the essentials, not the color.

Snap button bodysuits

newborn babies

Snap button cotton bodysuits are a great buy. They make it easy to change diapers without having to undress your baby completely.

Snap button bodysuits are very practical. They’re fastened in the bottom area so they help hold up the diaper, preventing leaks.

The collar on the body suit should be allow you to dress your baby from bottom to top. There are several styles available: long-sleeves, sleeveless, patterns or solid colors.

With the bodysuit fastened, it’s much easier to carry your baby and not have to constantly fuss around with his or her clothes.

If you live in a hot climate, you can dress your baby in the bodysuit and combine it with a pair of soft fabric pants. If where you live is colder, use the suit under other clothing layers.

For an original look, buy some bodysuits and print on some phrases or personal saying. We recommend buying about 12 articles.

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Buying pants is a little easier. You should look for pants that have snap buttons in the bottom are with an elastic waistband for easy diaper-changing. Pants should be made with a soft material so that your baby can move freely without any kind of irritation. Long pants made with a thick material are a good buy for colder climates.

If you live in a hot climate, pants with a light material are your best option, in addition to shorts. You should aim to buy 10 pants.


Choosing sleeping clothes is an easy task. Onsies are the most popular kind of newborn pajamas. They protect babies from climate fluctuations, especially when they kick off their blanket from moving around so much.

Pajamas that sport snap buttons on the bottom area are great because they allow for fast diaper changes. You can choose from different kinds of fabric: cotton, cloth, flannel and wool.

You should buy the one that best suits the climate where you live. We recommend buying 10 sets.


Newborn baby

Hats are must-haves for the first newborn shopping sprees. They protect your baby’s head from the cold. It’s extremely important to keep them warm because the body loses most of its heat through the head.

You should buy 3 hats.


Gloves are also very important because we have to keep our babies’ hands warm after they’re born. They’re also useful to prevent babies from scratching their face or putting their hands in their mouths.

Gloves that are fitted at the wrist are perfect as they don’t slip so easily. Try buying between 2 to 3 pairs.


Similar to the gloves, stockings are very useful for keeping your baby warm. Once your baby leaves the womb out to the outside world, he or she will be exposed to climate factors. In addition, stockings help prevent scratching.

We recommend buying 10 pairs of stockings.

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Additional important items

Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers

The diapers that you’ll need to use depends on your baby. We recommend buying 20 newborn diapers for the first week.

Blankies and blankets

Blankies and blankets are a must. You need them to cover the crib cushion as well as to wrap your baby up when leaving the crib. They might get messy or tear, so try buying at least 5.

Bath towel

Baby bath towels are softer and fluffier than adult towels. They usually come with a little hat to warm your baby’s head after bath time. We recommend buying 3 towels.


This newborn baby list is only a reference. What you actually need can vary for various reasons– each case is different.

The bottom line is that you should consider having spares and shop stress-free. All you need to do is go to the stores, choose the clothes that you think will look best on your baby!