7 Tips to Ensure Good Infant Nutrition During Summer

In the summertime, it's very important to ensure good infant nutrition. Remember that temperatures are high during this time of year, which demands for hydration and healthy meals. What should you keep in mind?
7 Tips to Ensure Good Infant Nutrition During Summer

Last update: 22 September, 2020

All parents feel a special concern about what their children eat. After all, diet plays a vital role in health. For this reason, now that summer’s here, many feel the need to ensure good infant nutrition but don’t know how to do so.

Fortunately, having more free time and being able to buy fresh and healthy products make this task easier. What should you keep in mind? In this article, we’ll be sharing 7 tips that you can put into practice at this time of year.

1. Introduce new fruits

One of the greatest things about summer is the wide variety of fresh fruits that you can find in the market. Most are refreshing, sweet, and hydrating, which is perfect for the little ones.

Therefore, this is a great time to offer them more frequently. Some children can be quite reluctant when it comes to food. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of recipes and dishes that you can prepare with them to facilitate their introduction into the child’s diet.

For example, cold soups such as watermelon, gazpacho, or melon cream are pretty popular in summer. There are also other healthy and delicious options, such as salads with mango, pineapple, apple, among other fruits.

Simple, delicious foods, such as açaí bowls, help ensure good infant nutrition during summer.

2. Vegetable purees and salads, a great option to ensure good infant nutrition

Light, fresh recipes are great when it’s warm outside. For that reason, it’s appropriate to change cooked vegetables or hot soups for other dishes.

Vegetables provide many nutrients; their presence in a child’s diet is incredibly important since its frequent consumption lowers the risk of suffering from certain diseases in adulthood.

Gazpacho or vichyssoise are two of the ideal dishes to ensure good infant nutrition during summer. Also, you can try introducing new ingredients in pasta or vegetable salads, such as cucumber or pepper.

3. Homemade ice cream

Without a doubt, children love ice cream, especially in summer. However, most of them tend to contain large amounts of sugar or unhealthy fats.

Luckily, you can prepare homemade ice cream pretty easily and fast. You don’t even have to buy specific devices in order to make it. Here are some tips:

  • You can make delicious sorbets by crushing your favorite fruits.
  • If you’re a fan of creamy ice cream, you can make them with any milk of your choice, yogurt, or even avocado!
  • Also, it’s not necessary to add artificial color or aromas to it. If you want it to be very flavorful, you can add cocoa, vanilla, or crushed fruits.

4. Encourage your children to participate in the kitchen

We’re aware that day-to-day life during the year is full of daily routines and tasks for both parents and children. Therefore, summer and holidays are an ideal time to involve children in helping prepare meals.

Promoting their collaboration awakens their curiosity and interest in cooking. In addition to this, it helps them develop their senses of taste and smell. And not only that, but it also increases the variety and quality of their diet, as well as the number of new foods they’re willing to try in the future.

You don’t need to involve them in making difficult and complex recipes. It’s pretty simple: tell them to wash the vegetables or beat some chickpeas to prepare hummus.

It’s all about having fun and helping them develop abilities according to their age. If you want, you can get carried away by your imagination and have them make easy but interesting food combinations.

Parents encouraging their children to participate in the kitchen to ensure good infant nutrition during summer.

5. Share meals with your children

Another good tip to ensure good infant nutrition in summer is to have a great family diet that serves as an example for your kids. Generally speaking, parents tend to eat more vegetables than children and adolescents.

For this reason, it’s important that you become an example for them when it comes to healthy eating.

Now, it’s important to take some aspects into account.

  • Sit down to eat with your children. Spend enough time with them – make the meal a pleasant moment.
  • Put a wide range of healthy foods (especially fruits and vegetables) at their disposal.
  • Don’t force them to eat certain things since it may trigger aversion later on. The best thing you can do is offer them. It’s a good idea to talk about the benefits of some vegetables so that they feel encouraged to eat them.

A great way to get kids to make healthy food choices is by being an example for them. 

6. Light dishes ensure good infant nutrition

In summer, children spend much of their time playing and doing outdoor activities, which may decrease their appetite. In fact, high temperatures have been linked to a decrease in the desire to eat, metabolic rate, and enzyme activity related to digestion.

Consequently, it’s better to choose recipes that are light, with few sauces, few fats, and with mild, easily digestible cooking. Adding nuts, fish, legumes, or whole grains turns light dishes into very nutritious options.

7. Make sure they drink enough fluids

Temperatures can get extremely high during summer. Therefore, the consumption of liquids shouldn’t be overlooked. Children have a higher proportion of body fluid compared to adults, and those fluids need to be replenished more regularly.

Health experts are always talking about the importance of drinking water throughout the day. Children love to do outside activities during this time of year and tend to forget to go inside for a bit to rest and drink fluids. It’s essential that all parents pay attention to their children’s hydration. We must note that not all drinks are the same when it comes to providing hydration to the body.

  • Water or milk must be the priority.
  • Sugary drinks such as soda or fruit juice are often high in sugar and low in nutrients. In addition, its consumption is related to greater cases of obesity and dental caries.
  • Forget about energy drinks, their ingredients aren’t suitable for minors.
A glass of water.

The keys to good infant nutrition during summer

To ensure good infant nutrition during summer, it’s essential to encourage them to eat fruit, vegetables, and a variety of fresh foods. Remember to keep your meals scheduled and to offer fresh and light recipes. Your kids will thank you!

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