Enjoy a Delicious and Healthy Salad Every Day of the Week

· September 26, 2017
Salad is a very healthy dish that can be made with many different ingredients and can be modified so that you don't get bored with the typical combinations.

Salad is an essential dish for a healthy and balanced diet.

Many people prefer to choose other appetizers that are more appealing. However, salad can be a very appetizing alternative if we work to find new and different recipes for each day.

In this article, you’ll find 7 delicious and different salad options so that you can enjoy one, and its health benefits, every day of the week.

How to dress a salad

Before starting with our 7 salads, we are going to talk about how to healthily dress them:

  • High-quality oil, first cold- pressed: olive, sesame, coconut, nuts
  • Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
  • Sea salt in moderation. You should always avoid table salt or regular salt because all it is is sodium chloride without any minerals. Sea salt, however, is rich in minerals.

A salad for every day of the week

1. Arugula, cucumber, pears, and pine nuts

This salad is refreshing and, above all else, thanks to the diuretic properties of cucumbers and pears, it helps to eliminate excess liquids that accumulate in our body and cause us to bloat.

Arugula, which is known for its slightly bitter and spicy taste, helps to improve the functions of the liver. So, this salad is great for flushing out your liver after a long weekend.

Lastly, the pine nuts enrich this salad with extra doses of protein, minerals, and omega 6 essential fatty acids.

2. Lentils, watercress, and sprouts

This salad made of lentils can be great on its own, if you want, thanks to its great nutritional value.

It’s rich in vegetable proteins, minerals, and amino acids, and has the ability to improve our body’s natural defense mechanisms which will help to prevent infections.

It is also an antioxidant, depurative and diuretic which makes it ideal for helping you recuperate after a weekend of unhealthy foods. It will give you a lot of energy and vitality.

3. Endives, roquefort cheese, and walnuts

This delicious salad will fill you with optimism and happiness at the middle of the week. The combinations of these three ingredients is very normal in many restaurants that have found out it is one of the customers’ favorites.

The fresh and bitter taste of the endives mixes with the creaminess and taste of the roquefort cheese, while the walnuts add a crunch.

The way it is usually served is with whole leaves, separated, and filled with the cheese and walnuts.

4. Kale, carrots, and beets

Thursday’s salad is very nutritious and fills us with the energy we need to get to happily get to the weekend. It is also great for regulating the functions of the digestive system and for preventing nutritional deficiencies like anemia.

  • This salad is made by cutting up the three ingredients and dressing them a good amount of time before eating (at least an hour) to weaken the taste of the kale.
  • By doing this, we get a plate full of color and flavor, ideal for pairing with meats and fish.

5. Tomato, garlic, and mozzarella

This Italian style salad is very easy to make and its great for Fridays when we don’t have a lot of time to cook.

Tomato and mozzarella are a classic combination. However, you can also complement them by adding finely chopped garlic or garlic spread on the plate before adding the other ingredients.

You can also add fresh basil leaves.

6. Avocado, pepper, and onion

We had to include avocado in one of our salads because this tropical fruit is a super-food full of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber. 

Mash the avocado and make a guacamole style salad by adding in the finely chopped onions and pepper.

You can add it to toast or salted crackers. Is that not an ideal salad for a Saturday night?

7. Lettuce, asparagus, tuna, and hard boiled egg

Sunday’s salad is classic and consistent. It is a complete meal that we can eat while relaxing and enjoying without any rush on our last day of the week.

  • With the traditional lettuce, which has sedative properties, you add two servings of animal protein, like tuna and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Asparagus will give the plate some freshness, while also providing diuretic properties.
  • You can also add homemade mayonnaise.