What Are Electromagnetic Fields and How Do They Affect You?

· April 21, 2015

Computers, cell phones, plugs, microwaves, wifi, etc. All of the devices you use everyday and make your life easier also generate electromagnetic fields around you that negatively affect your health, which will cause problems like insomnia, anxiety, allergies, dry skin, etc.

We will explain what these fields are, how they affect you, and how you can avoid them to continue to enjoy their use without harming your health.

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?

Currently, there are electromagnetic fields everywhere because even if you don’t have electronics, the waves from your neighbors will get to you. Only people that live far away from other people and without any cable or wire connection are free. But these fields are invisible to the human eye and that is surely why we don’t give them the necessary importance.


The field are produced because of the accumulation of electric charges that all the devices and connections around you produce, from television antennae or radio and telephone stations to a power outlet or x-ray machine, to any kind of electronic device. If you look around you, you will see that anywhere you are, there are multiple electronic devices. When you plug something into an outlet, electronic fields are released into the air that surround the electronic device. However greater the tension, the more intense will be the electronic field. And if you connect a computer to the internet, you will see the amount of wifi lines that are detected. All of these come in contact with your body.

It is important to note that there are also natural electromagnetic fields, which are caused by earth’s energy and can also affect your health. These can also be greatly prevented with the tips given in this article.

How Do They Affect You

There are still no long term studies that confirm all of the negative effects that continuous exposure to electromagnetic fields, because they have greatly increased in the last few years. In any regard, a person that spends the entire day in a highly charged environment could be proven by feeling it in the body. Many people that work in offices for a lot of hours already feel these problems everyday.

Here are a few:

Various studies also suggest that they can be carcinogenic in the long term.

How to Avoid Them

The most ideal option is to live in the middle of nature, in an organic house with no electronic connections. This option is practically impossible for most people.


Besides trying to avoid being surrounded by excess electronic devices as much as possible or trying to use cable internet, especially in your room or the areas in your home where you spend a lot of time, there are some ways to get rid of this electromagnetic pollution everyday:

  • Walk barefoot on the sand or grass for at least an hour
  • Hug a tree for at least 15 minutes
  • Sleep with a natural sheep’s wool blanket underneath your bed because it will act as an isolator
  • Buy products that isolate electromagnetic waves (there are some for cell phones, for example)
  • Use copper to make natural isolators (clothing with copper threads, copper bracelets, etc.) because copper has protective properties for these waves.

Want to Try it?

For the more skeptical people, we recommend doing an experiment. Boil water in the microwave everyday for a month and when it is warm, use it to water two similar plants, one with the water heated in the microwave and then chilled, and another with water directly from the faucet.

Once the time is up, you will see how each one evolves. It’s possible that one won’t survive or won’t develop in the same way.

Images courtesy of Paladin27 and phototouring