Tips for a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home

Want to make your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Then read this article for tips and tricks for an eco-friendly home.
Tips for a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home

Last update: 05 September, 2020

We all want to leave a beautiful planet for our children and grandchildren, a world that’s filled with diversity and that preserves a legacy for their futures. By making some subtle changes in your day to day life you can create a more eco-friendly home to help care for the entire planet.

A place without pollution, so that those green lungs of the earth will guarantee their continued existence and harmony.

You know that in order to achieve this goal and avoid an impending environmental catastrophe, policies need to be changed so that the world powers will regulate and be accountable for their carbon dioxide emissions and chemical waste products, for example.

Why not start implementing these simple tips today?

1. The use of air conditioners and heaters in eco-friendly homes

If you have central heating or cooling equipment in your home it’s important to remember to use it wisely. That way you’re not only looking after the health of the planet – you’ll see some real savings in your monthly energy bills:

  • During the winter, you can set your heat to about 70° F.
  • In summertime, keep your air conditioning at about 75° F.
  • And what temperature should you set for your hot water heater? Just around 100° F will do just fine.
  • With every degree that you adjust higher or lower, we promise you you’ll notice the difference in your bill, and your contribution to the environment.

2. Why not get a little more natural breeze and sunlight?

Fresh air
It’s not always possible for every household to invest a lot of money in adapting their home to harness renewable resources. We can’t all afford to change out our windows, patios, or install solar panels.

Sure, it’s true that in the long term this can save a lot of money on the bills, but the up front costs are very high. If you’re unable to make that kind of investment, here are a few simple tips:

  • Take advantage of natural sunlight.
  • Paint your walls a color that reflects the brightness.
  • Enjoy the natural breezes by opening your windows at home. It’s better for your health, too!

3. Make some basic changes to the kitchen

Green home
Some of the easiest tricks you can use to save money and have a greener home are done in the kitchen.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use your pressure cooker whenever possible, saving you time, energy, and hard earned cash.
  • If you need to use your oven, try not to open the door too often. Every time you do you lower the temperature about 50° F.
  • If you need to defrost something, use the microwave, or in the case of fish you can simply place it in a bowl of water. Just take whatever you need to thaw out of the freezer a few hours before cooking it. Planning ahead is key! It’s worth it.

4. Don’t leave your appliances in standby mode

How many times are you guilty of this one? Leaving the TV on standby with the red light on, or your computer, or stereo…and what about those nights when you leave your phone charging, or the wi-fi on when you’re not at home?

No doubt you’ve done it a thousand times, and these little expenses add up on your bill. It also damages the planet when millions of people make the same mistakes.

Last but not least, don’t forget that this can shorten the lifespan of your appliances.

5. Say “yes” to energy saving light bulbs

These and fluorescent LED light bulbs are high in price, we know, but they last up to eight times longer and use 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs. So…why not replace them?

6. Choose energy efficient appliances for your eco-friendly home

Clean oven
As you probably know, there have been new appliances on the market in recent years that are in energy classes A++ and A+++. Do you know what that means? It means they consume up to 70% less energy than appliances in class A.

It’s a good idea to change out your appliances for more energy efficient ones as you need to. It’s a small change but if everyone did it, it would be a tremendous boon for the planet and of course, result in a greener home.

7. Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when you have full loads

Some people will do a load of laundry for just one towel and a pair of pajamas. You might do three loads of laundry a day that are barely full, when in fact you could have simply combined them into one full load.

Avoid using the prewash setting, and always choose cold water whenever you can. You’ll save a lot more on your bill!

The same guidelines go for the dishwasher. It’s worth waiting until you have it full of dishes and glassware before running this expensive appliance.

8. Make sure your eco-friendly home is well insulated

Seal your windows and keep the cold from sneaking in by using weather stripping and caulk. If you install double pane windows, also remember to make good use of awnings, blinds, or anything else that can help you avoid having to turn on the heat or air conditioning to make your eco-friendly home.

Sometimes making these small changes in your home can save you a lot when it comes to your monthly bills.

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