Eight Foods You Shouldn't Consume at All Costs

If you want a healthy diet, you should consume a variety of foods, but always in the right amount. Moderation is the key.
Eight Foods You Shouldn't Consume at All Costs

Last update: 12 May, 2019

Is it true that there are some foods that you shouldn’t consume…ever?

The reality is that the market is flooded with a wide variety of foods that tempt us. They always look fresh, are appetizing, and appear to be a quick way to soothe that feeling of hunger that afflicts you between meals. However, sometimes people overlook that behind their delicious look there is a high concentration of saturated fats and added compounds that can cause disorders in your body when you consume them on a regular basis.

What’s even more alarming is that many seem to be “harmless” because they have gradual effects that slightly appear when the damage is mild.

These products are linked to increased cases of excess weight, obesity and a variety of other chronic diseases that decrease significantly people’s quality of life.

What are those harmful foods? Why is it better to avoid them at all costs?

Below are the eight main foods that you shouldn’t consume at all costs.

8 Foods that You Shouldn’t Consume

1. French Fries and Potato Chips are Food that You Shouldn’t Consume

French fries are foods you shouldn't consume

Potatoes are considered to be a healthy food due to their nutrients. The problem is that many are prepared with harmful fats or oils that reduce their properties.

Although they’re delicious and go well as a side dish, french fries affect your metabolic health and cholesterol.

The damage is even greater with bagged potato chips, because they contain chemicals and added preservatives that cause undesired effects.

2. Sugary Drinks

Commercials often show sugary drinks as a refreshing way to quench your thirst. However, far from producing this effect, drinking them excessively can actually cause dehydration.

Soft drinks, yogurts and other drinks that are high in sugar and other sweeteners raise blood sugar levels and can cause metabolic disorders.

Commercial juices with “light” labels also are harmful, because, even though they’re low in sugar, they contain chemicals.

3. White Bread

White bread and other bakery products can cause some negative effects on the body. They’re made with refined flour and saturated fats that can affect your weight and health.

During the refinement process, they lose a lot of dietary fiber, which is a nutrient that’s involved in digestion.

Their assimilation raises blood sugar levels, which can lead you to feel more hungry during the day.

4. Sweets

Candies full of sugar foods that make you age faster

Candy and all food sweet products are made with refined sugars and added oils that can cause serious consequences in the body.

Plus, their caloric content is high. Therefore, they have a strong influence on problems such as excess weight.

In addition, they don’t produce a feeling of fullness. In excessive amounts, they are a direct cause of diabetes and metabolism issues.

5. Ice Cream

Not all ice creams are harmful. It all depends on the ingredients that they are made with. In general, commercial presentations usually have too much refined sugar and saturated fat.

Regular consumption can lead to problems of excess weight and high blood sugar.

Due to containing too much sugar, most varieties of ice cream can cause blood sugar issues and increase cravings.

6. Energy Drinks

Among the foods that you shouldn’t consume (at least on a regular basis), we couldn’t miss out on mentioning energy drinks.

Energy drinks have earned a special place at stores because they represent a good alternative to “recharge” the body in times of physical and mental fatigue.

The drawback is that they contain stimulants and large amounts of sugar that, over time, can cause nervous system and metabolic disorders.

7. Processed Meat

Lunch meat

All varieties of processed meat can cause serious side effects for your health, even when their labels say they’re “low in sodium” or “low in fat.”

These foods are obtained from the residues of meat that contain too much fat and few nutrients.

In order to keep them looking fresh, they’re subjected to a chemical process that adds substances such as nitrites and nitrates, which are related to diseases such as cancer.

Check out this article, too: 12 Worst Toxins in Processed Foods

8. Margarine

Margarine is usually manufactured with vegetable oils. For this reason, many people believe eating it won’t cause any dietary problems.

What some people may not know is that margarine contains trans fats that can harm their cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Consuming it on a regular basis has an influence on weight gain and the buildup of cholesterol.

When heated, it releases free radicals, which are toxic molecules that can damage the cells and tissues.

Conclusion: Replace Foods that You Shouldn’t Consume

Do you often include these foods in your dietary plan? Now that you know what foods you shouldn’t consume, try to replace them by choosing healthier options, preferably organic products.

At first, it may seem hard to avoid them. However, you will gradually be able to come up with a healthier diet that’s controlled in calories.

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