Eat Pineapple to Lose Weight and Eliminate Toxins

· August 9, 2014
Pineapple is rich in fiber, which helps regulate our intestinal tract, and is an excellent diuretic that prevents fluid retention.

Pineapple, native to South America, is one of the most highly recommended fruits for detoxifying the body, and for natural weight loss.  Along with this, we all know that it is an extraordinarily delicious fruit, especially when eaten fresh.  Coming up, we will tell you about the plentiful properties that this wonderful fruit offers our bodies.

Pineapple to detoxify

Thanks to its diuretic functions, pineapple helps our bodies to eliminate extra retained liquids.  Through this, several residual toxins left in the body are removed.  One of the causes associated with water retention is an unhealthy lifestyle, like sitting for too long, eating a lot of salt, and even circulatory problems, in which case you should consult a physician.

Keep in mind that pineapple, like any other diuretic, should be consumed naturally and never in excess.  Extreme liquid loss can result in dehydration.

Pineapple for weight loss

Pineapple’s latter benefit is obviously associated with weight loss, seeing as how eliminating extra liquid from our bodies causes us to lose any puffiness where liquids tend to be stored, like the face and abdomen.  Also, thanks to its low calorie content and because so much of it is comprised of water, we can eat pineapple without considerably increasing our caloric intake.


On the same note, the fiber contained in pineapple (easily noticeable upon eating it), helps regulate the digestive process.  This magnificent fruit also contains a substance called Bromelain, an incredibly useful enzyme in processing proteins that are difficult to break down.  Because of this, bromelain helps prevent discomforts associated with foods that are difficult to digest: constipation, abdominal swelling, gas, etc.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that in order to take full advantage of its benefits, pineapple is best eaten sliced, the same day it is cut.  This will ensure you benefit from all of its nutrients, including its fiber.  We hope you keep these important benefits in mind when you go to the supermarket or the fruit stands; grab a pineapple, and put it in your basket.

Photos courtesy of Hans and Tamorlan