Pineapple: A Powerful Tool to Lose Weight and Eliminate Toxins

25 June, 2019
Pineapple is rich in fiber, which helps regulate our intestinal tract, and is an excellent diuretic that prevents fluid retention. Find out more in the article below!

Pineapple, native to South America, is a very recommended fruit for detoxifying the body and for natural weight loss. Along with this, we all know that it’s a delicious fruit, especially when eaten fresh.  Coming up, we will tell you about the many properties it offers.

Detoxifying properties

Due to its diuretic properties, pineapple helps our bodies to eliminate extra retained liquids.  Through this, it helps get rid of several residual toxins.

It’s important to keep in mind that one of the causes related to water retention is an unhealthy lifestyle. This includes sitting for too long, eating a lot of salt, and even circulatory problems. If this is your case, you should consult a physician.

Also, don’t forget that you should consume pineapple, like any other diuretic, carefully.  Too much liquid loss can result in dehydration.

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Pineapple for weight loss

Pineapple’s detoxifying properties are obviously associated with weight loss. This is true because getting rid of the extra liquid from our bodies helps us lose any puffiness from places like our face and tummy area.

Also, thanks to its low-calorie content, we can eat pineapple without going over our calorie limits. Thanks to its high water content, it’s a healthy, filling snack that can help people trying to lose weight.

Pineapple is great for your health

In addition, the fiber contained in pineapple helps regulate the digestive process.  This awesome fruit also contains a substance called Bromelain; a very useful enzyme that helps break down complex proteins.

Because of this, bromelain helps prevent discomforts associated with foods that are difficult to digest: constipation, abdominal swelling, gas, etc.

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Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that to reap all of its benefits, you should eat it fresh, the same day you slice it. This will ensure you benefit from all of its nutrients, as well as its fiber.  We hope you keep these key benefits in mind when you go to the store; grab a pineapple, and put it in your basket.

Photos courtesy of Hans and Tamorlan
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