Easy Way to Clean Your TV

If you're going to clean your TV, then it's very important to take into account the material it's made of --so as not to damage the screen with unsuitable cleaning products.
Easy Way to Clean Your TV

Last update: 19 May, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your TV easily, without resorting to a generic cleaning product that can affect the screen, worry no more. Below, we’ll give you the keys you need to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind that, although the keys that we’re going to discuss can be applied in many cases, you should take into account the characteristics of the device and the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance.

How to Clean Your TV

As we’ve been saying, when your TV’s off and light exposes fingerprint stains, dust, and other accumulated dirt, you may think about cleaning it with a damp cloth and some detergent, but you’re not sure. However, how good is cleaning with this product?

You may be a little apprehensive about cleaning your TV, as well as computer screens. Do you have to use a cotton swab with alcohol or is a dry cloth better? Is it safe to dampen a cloth with a little water and cleaner? And what about sprays specially designed for screens?

When you don’t have a spray with the liquid specially designed to clean computer screens and other electronic devices, you can resort to the following.

Safety First

Before you start to clean your TV, make sure it’s unplugged. Also, check the TV’s manual to see if there are any specific recommendations for that model and what kind of products you can use.

Use clean microfiber cloths

A person spraying cleaner onto a microfiber cloth.
Microfiber cloths are recommended for cleaning delicate objects as they don’t scratch surfaces.

Avoid using paper or traditional cloths. These materials are rough and can scratch your plasma, LED, or LCD TV. Microfiber cloths are good at trapping dust and are also used to clean eyeglass lenses. It is a perfect material to clean without leaving a trace.

Many TV models include this type of cloth with you purchase to clean the screens with. If you still have an old TV with a glass screen, you can easily clean it with a microfiber cloth dampened with a little glass cleaner.

Do not spray the product directly on the screen

Always use a cloth.  Instead, try to clean them with a dry rag first. Ideally, screens should be wiped off with dry materials. Avoid using anything wet on them, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Distilled water is often recommended to clean modern televisions. Moreover, don’t use cleaning products containing harsh chemicals such as alcohol or other abrasives, because you could damage the screen without realizing it.

If you have a TV in the kitchen, it’s probably dirtier from the vapors, fumes, and grease that inhabits that space. For these difficult spots, spray a little bit of vinegar on a microfiber rag and wipe them with it.

For cleaning to last longer, it’s not to keep your TV in areas of your home where there’s a breeze, since the air and dust will make it stain more easily.

Don’t press too hard on the screen

Clean the surfaces carefully, as the materials are a lot more delicate materials than the glass used in the old ones. Clean with soft, horizontal strokes until the screen’s dry.

Finally, check the area around the base of the TV to make sure it’s clean. A few strokes are enough. Always set aside the rags used for screens and save them for that purpose only.

Clean Your TV Carefully

A large flatscreen TV against a teal blue wall.

TVs have changed a lot over the years, and technological advances have given us high-quality screens. Therefore, they allow us to watch movies and series we like in high resolution and therefore in great detail.

These appliances are manufactured with different materials but LED, LCD, and plasma are the most popular. The old tube TVs have disappeared, and the new TVs no longer use glass as their main material.

Today’s screens are fragile and require different care. In addition, most of them are now digital, so it’s necessary to clean them more frequently. For this reason, it’s best to implement some of the above tips in order to optimize the view of our televisions.

Leave your TV screen looking “as good as new”

These are some techniques that are used today to improve the cleanliness of TV screens. Undoubtedly, it’s a simple and effective way to make the images on the screen look perfect.

Don’t hesitate to apply these tips for the rest of the screens in your home–your computer, mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Finally, remember that it’s best to clean the TV screen once a week. Not only to keep it from accumulating so much dirt but also so that the appliance lasts longer.

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