I don’t like Christmas! What Should I do?

You can leave aside the consumerist spirit and take the opportunity to enjoy the company of your loved ones, without having to celebrate anything

At Christmas time, all the stores are decorated with trees, lights and Santa Claus… and you would much prefer to stay home for a month. Everyone is thinking where, how and with whom to spend the holidays, but you say that you don’t like Christmas.

Don’t worry…There are other people like you in the world.

Christmas and its rituals: the upheaval of every December

The carols, the nativity scene, the decorated trees, the mince pies … For many people, this is a time for happiness, family reunions and good wishes. For other people it’s disorder that, rather than uniting people, just brings problems and disagreements.

It seems that we should all be happy and overflowing with the Christmas spirit. Otherwise, we’re a killjoy, or boring, or negative. Saying “I don’t like Christmas” is like saying that you’re from another planet.

People don’t understand you. They might think you’re weird or have some problem that you’ve been dragging around since childhood when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real or you didn’t get the present you wanted.

However, it’s nothing to do with that. It’s to do with not identifying with the festival itself or even being against certain habits that people have during December.

Spending money they don’t have on presents for people who they only see once a year or going crazy with purchases to make dinner for family members who you can’t stand could be considered hypocrisy or a lack of realism.

Celebration or consumerism?

The binge, the presents, the tensions, the crowded shopping centres: everything is chaos during the time before Christmas.

Why? For a party that for many people no longer has anything to do with religion, but with unbridled consumption and the posts on social networks about how happy they are with so many people around them.

To all this we should add the additional pressure to be happy is not only imposed on you by family members, but also adverts.

In ads, everyone is smiling, sharing an enormous dinner, or delivering expensive gifts that we can’t afford.

If you don’t like Christmas, don’t feel bad about it. Being different often causes misunderstandings. Just as you don’t’ want others to judge you … try not to judge others.

Meanwhile, remember that many people, even without being fans of the holidays, follow them by tradition. You are a brave person to say that you’re against it!

Tips for surviving Christmas

Other than feeling strange for not wanting to celebrate Christmas (the same as saying that you don’t like summer or don’t’ eat meat), you have to face the situation and avoid being overwhelmed.

1. Think of Christmas as just any other day

don’t like Christmas

Some people choose to stay at home and have dinner just like any normal day, watching television or reading a book. But, of course, to do this you need to live alone or accept that your family celebrate it somewhere else.

If you’re not the only one in your circle who doesn’t like parties, you can have dinner together as if it were an everyday encounter. No candles, pies, or turkey.

2. Go on holiday

Perhaps the best way to get away from the festivity is just not to be home for those dates. Air tickets are usually cheaper on December 24, for example.

Go to a country where Christmas isn’t celebrated, like Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand or Dubai.

Maybe being away from your family is a “weight” off your shoulders and you can take the opportunity to stay at a hotel that night as if it were any other day.

3. Don’t organize anything

Don’t organize Christmas parties

If you don’t like Christmas you don’t have to take part in planning dinners or gifts. Let others take care of it. Just turn up and enjoy the food.

Think that for someone in your family it may be special enough for you to be there.

You don’t have to spend two days cooking or cleaning your house, listening to your mother talk about her disagreements with your grandmother, or that she needs to buy a present for your cousin.

Don’t take part in anything related to the celebration but wear your best face on the day.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

Maybe you don’t like Christmas because every year is the same as the last. You see the same people, eat the same food, or talk about the same things.

Have you thought about organizing a different party with friends? It can be anywhere but without the family pressures or traditions to comply with.

5. Look for the meaning of Christmas

Look for the meaning of Christmas

In short, the celebration should be related to religion and not to consumerism or pretending that you’re happy.

It might be better to go and help sick people in a hospital, go to church to pray, or help those less fortunate than you.

Maybe what you don’t like about Christmas is the “empty” or imposed tradition. Now, you can do whatever you want to have a wonderful time.

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