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Do You Have Swollen Fingers? Learn Why Here

While these foods and techniques may help improve finger swelling, it's best to see your doctor and discuss the problem, as it may be a symptom of a more serious condition.
Do You Have Swollen Fingers? Learn Why Here

Last update: 13 January, 2022

We’re sure this has happened to you at some point: you suddenly feel a pressure in your fingers and notice a slight swelling. In fact, your fingers may even swell up so much that you can’t take off your rings! Sometimes this happens while w’re walking, or in the middle of the afternoon. But why do we get swollen fingers?

There are many possible causes of swollen finers. In general, swelling in any part of the body is due to an accumulation of fluid, or fluid retention.

In addition, the fingers are an area where overwork is very common. The cause of this fluid retention may be due to poor circulation. Signs of this type of edema include swelling of the hands, feet, or face. If this is the case, it’s temporary and goes away without treatment.

However, sometimes it’s also a symptom of other diseases that we can prevent if we’re aware of their symptoms, so it’s a good idea to have frequent medical checkups to detect the root of the problem.

Why do I have swollen fingers?

Why do we get swollen fingers?
Swollen fingers may be caused by many possible reasons.

1. Swollen fingers due to poor circulation

Having high or unbalanced blood pressure causes our circulatory system to flow more forcefully. There’s then a high velocity of blood from the heart to the lungs.

As a consequence, we get more tired, and, at the same time, this circulatory intensity decompensates in the extremities, particularly in the fingers. Then, our hands feel colder and our fingers swell, because our blood vessels open wider. This can result in oedema and swelling.

2. Fluid retention

When fluid retention occurs, swelling occurs in the limbs. This commonly occurs in the legs, ankles, heels, and feet. However, the fingers and toes may also swell. If, when you press on the area, a dimple or depression forms, (i.e. the skin seems to sag), that means it’s fluid retention.

3. Excess weight causes swollen fingers

Obesity, or having a few extra pounds, causes disturbances in our lymphatic system. This imbalance causes us to retain fluids, both in our hands and feet.

Then, we feel like we have swollen fingers. In our feet, for example, our shoes may not fit. In our hands, on the other hand, we feel a frequent tingling sensation, in addition to noticing that our fingers have become swollen.

4. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Another cause of swelling in the fingers is carpal tunnel syndrome in our hands. It’s common to have a constriction of the blood supply in this area if you have this condition due to a compression of the median nerve.

This syndrome causes a feeling of numbness in the fingers. It’s also accompanied by coldness and swelling of the fingers. Sometimes, it can affect our performance of tasks.

5. Allergic reactions may cause swollen fingers

In some cases, the swelling may be due to an allergic reaction after a foreign body enters our body. To defend ourselves against it, histamine is released into the bloodstream in order to fight it.

Such a release of histamine sometimes causes swelling of the fingers. To counteract this type of reaction, we need to take prescription antihistamines.

6. Swollen fingers may be due to an infection

Infection occurs when germs enter our skin through an injury. Sometimes, even just a small cut is enough. It also often coincides with a lowered immune system.

It may happen that one of your fingers starts to swell and you feel pain. Occasionally, youe can have infected tissue and it get to the bone, which often causes a fever.

7. Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive inflammatory rheumatic disease that affects the joints . This wear and tear on our joints and cartilage can also affect our fingers.

This condition can be very painful, especially in the mornings. In addition, it is common to feel stiff fingers with difficulty in moving them.

How can I improve swollen fingers?

1. Exercises to eliminate tingling

Hand exercises
There are certain exercises you can do to relieve swollen fingers.

To reduce fluid retention, you can perform exericses to move your fingers. This movement makes the blood flow better. It should also involve moving your thumb inwards and outwards repeatedly.

Another good exercise is to put both palms of your hands together (as if you were praying) and raise them above your head. This also helps us to compensate your circulation.

2. Take natural diuretics to relieve swollen fingers

Infusiones diuréticas por si se te hinchan los dedos

If your fingers are swollen due to fluid retention, taking diuretic foods may help your condition. As long as your doctor or nutritionist endorses their consumption, you can try some juices that are known for the diuretic effects of their ingredients, and thus help to improve this problem.

For example, chicory is a plant that is highly valued for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it’s believed that it could have a positive effect on fluid retention.

Also include foods such as green tea, celery, carrots, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, asparagus, artichoke, watercress, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce in your diet to help eliminate fluid retention.

3. Eat a balanced, salt-free diet

sea salt in a wooden pot with a wooden spoon
Sea salt has a grainy texture which can help to remove dead skin cells. For now, there’s no clear evidence that supports its antimycotic effects.

Reducing your salt intake should be a basic guideline if you have swollen fingers. This way, your body could improve both fluid retention and circulation. Salt causes thirst and an increase in fluid intake, which is then retained in the body, leading to an increase in total blood volume.

Therefore, it’s necessary to eliminate salt from your meals or replace it with certain herbs to enhance the taste of food. In addition, if you follow a diet rich in fiber and with plenty of fruits and vegetables, you’ll notice a big difference. You should also eliminate industrial fats and additives.

4. Wear compression gloves

Compression gloves for swollen fingers
Compression gloves can help relieve swollen fingers.

If you get swollen fingers on a regular basis, you can also resort to compression gloves, which are sold in pharmacies. These gloves are very useful in these cases, as they exert adequate pressure on hands and fingers. This releases excess fluid.

Swollen fingers: A a sign from the body

While all of these foods and techniques may help improve finger swelling, it’s best to see your doctor and discuss the problem, as swollen fingers may be a sign of a more serious condition, especially if it persists or if other symptoms are present.

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