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Seven Remedies to Relieve Nasal Congestion

Steam is one of the most efficient remedies for nasal congestion.  You can use a humidifier, steam, or a hot shower.
Seven Remedies to Relieve Nasal Congestion

Last update: 20 December, 2020

Are you afflicted by nasal congestion? You must apply several techniques while following medical treatment in order to obtain relief. Whatever you do, it’s very important to stay well-hydrated at all times as it’ll promote mucus fluidification and regulate your body temperature.

A stuffy nose and the feeling that you can’t get enough air that leads to fatigue and, even panting every few minutes are quite annoying.

1. Massage between your eyebrows

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a soft massage between the eyebrows will help you clear your nose when you have nasal congestion.

Do soft circular movements with your fingers in this area for one minute.

This simple massage will prevent nostril dryness and inflammation has a prophylactic effect and reduces pressure in the frontal area.

2. Massage the nostrils

A man in pain due to nasal congestion.

Massaging the sides of your nostrils is another way to open up the nose rapidly.

  • For this, you just have to lightly press your index finger on the nostril
  • Make circular movements on the outside of the nostrils for one or two minutes
  • This procedure will help you open your nose and it will be much easier to clear
  • Use this method along with the previous one for better results

3. Massage the point between the lips and the nose

Massage your area that is between the lips and the nose.

  • To do this, use your index and middle finger and use light pressure
  • Massage the sides of the nose for 1 or 2 minutes by doing circular movements, it’ll open the nostrils and so it’ll be easier to blow your nose

Some Chinese techniques can help you obtain relief, as explained by some recent research on the treatments proposed by alternative medicine.

4.  Humidify the environment


A working humidifier.

You may not know it but, the drier the environment, the more nasal congestion problems you’ll have. Thus, consider a room humidifier, an easy to use appliance you can place anywhere you like. The steam will loosen the mucous membranes and thus facilitate their expulsion.

Note that the mucous membrane of the nose will become drier when the humidity in the air is less than 40%. This is because it can promote irritation of the respiratory tract, dry skin, itching, and redness of the eyes, among other discomforts.

5.  Warm compresses can help relieve nasal congestion

Another homemade remedy to obtain relief is to slightly moisten a cloth napkin with water, heat it in the microwave, and then use it as a compress.

Also, you could just dip the napkin in medium to hot water, squeeze it gently, and hold it up to your nose for a few seconds. Wash your nose with a saline solution to finish cleaning your nose once you remove the compress.

6. Drinking water is a must to relieve nasal congestion

Fluid intake throughout the day will keep you well hydrated and fluidize the mucus, which will help expel it easily and relieve nasal congestion.

Furthermore, the best way to accomplish this is to drink a glass between meals and drink an infusion in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

A person pouring water into a glass.

7.  Shower steam

Steam from the shower can be your best ally to alleviate nasal congestion. This is because the hot humidity is great for decreasing inflammation. You’ll see how soon you begin to breathe better.

A long shower will help you take better advantage of its steam but you could also make some by heating a pot of water.

Is nasal congestion still a problem?

Ok so you’ve followed these recommendations and you still have a stuffy nose then you might want to consult your doctor as soon as possible. This is because only they can prescribe a more appropriate treatment for you.

Keep in mind that professional recommendations are nothing without healthy life habits. Only by adopting the latter will you be able to obtain relief and recover as soon as possible.

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