Discover the Uses of the Magic Eraser

If you were told that there was an object capable of erasing almost any kind of dirt or grime, would you want it? If you don't already have one, after reading this article, you'll want to get yourself a magic eraser!
Discover the Uses of the Magic Eraser

Last update: 23 June, 2021

The magic eraser is a white sponge made of melamine that’s capable of cleaning stains that are difficult to remove with other cleaning products, such as water, soap, and even bleach.

However, this product has some specific characteristics that you should know before using it. That’s why in today’s article we’d like to tell you about the different applications for the magic eraser and how you should use it.

This is an abrasive cleaner. Thus, it works through friction. That’s why it’s able to clean surfaces that other products don’t.

In fact, its operation is similar to that of sandpaper, only much more subtle. It’s not recommended that you apply it on delicate objects or apply it every day, because it could wear the materials too much.

Although melamine has been questioned for its safety, it’s generally an approved material for human use. Adverse effects have been found, above all, in objects that are microwaved. In this regard, agencies such as Safe Work Australia have said that magic eraser is safe and has no side effects.

12 uses of the magic eraser

The magic eraser has multiple uses. There’s a reason why it’s known as magic. Although after trying it out, there’s a temptation to use it on all surfaces, it’s best to test it cautiously and experiment where it works best.

Also, Procter and Gamble company points out that, although it has no side effects, it shouldn’t be used on the skin and shouldn’t be left within reach of children or pets that could ingest it.

Now it’s time to discover 12 uses of the magic eraser that are proven for their effectiveness.

1. Remove stains from walls

If you have children with artistic qualities, you’ve probably had to deal with cleaning crayon scribbles on the walls. The magic eraser is a great ally in these cases.

It also helps to remove dirt stains on walls, such as dirty hand marks, grease, makeup, or shoe prints. However, this should be done only on white walls because it can erase the color on dark walls.

A person using a sponge to clean a drawing off of a wall.
Young children tend to scribble on walls with crayon decorations. Here, you can use the magic eraser.

2. Stain remover on coffee cups

Over time, the cups we use to drink tea or coffee is become stained on the bottom and around the inner sides. With soap and a normal sponge, it’s almost impossible to get rid of these marks.

However, by rubbing with the magic eraser, it’s possible to remove them and leave them as if they were new. However, it’s good to wash them very well after the process to remove any remaining particles.

3. Shine your bicycle

Bicycles are a useful and popular means of transportation, an object of amusement, or a way of doing sports. However, they get dirty easily when mountain biking, riding on rural routes, or if you leave them outside.

In addition, with frequent use, they deteriorate and lose their shine. However, occasional maintenance with the magic eraser restores their initial shine.

4. Make tennis shoes as good as new

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Converse-style or rubber-tipped sneakers, you know how hard it is to keep them white and clean. However, the Magic Eraser allows you to remove those stubborn stains and make your sneakers as good as new. All you have to do is wet the sponge a little and rub the rubber well.

5. Making faucets shiny

Faucets tend to lose their shine over time. In addition, it’s common for faucets to become full of lime. This gives an unpleasant appearance to hand washing, laundry, and dish-washing areas.

However, the magic eraser can be used to remove limescale or dirt and restore the shine of the faucets. This is especially useful on old faucets, given the abrasiveness of the magic eraser.

6. To clean glass

Over the years, glass and mirrors become full of stains that are difficult to remove. If you’ve already tried all the glass cleaning tricks without success, the magic eraser will certainly work.

You must remember, however, that it’ll remove a thin layer of glass or mirror. Therefore, you should use it with caution.

7. Removing stains from the floor

Floors, especially light-colored ones, tend to stain with age and use. Especially in areas such as the kitchen, where you wash dishes and prepare different foods.

In addition, grout lines become gray or yellowish. With the magic eraser, it’s possible to remove these stains and make the grout white again.

8. Removing enamel or dye stains

It’s common to have unfortunate accidents involving hair dye or nail polish. These products stain clothes, floors, or bathroom furniture.

The problem is when we don’t notice it until several hours later and acetone is no longer as effective or can even cause damage. With the magic eraser, you can easily remove these stains.

9. Removing rust from metals with the magic eraser

Metals can rust with humidity and over time. This rust is often very difficult to remove.

However, by rubbing with the magic eraser, it’s possible to remove rust and give metal new life. The advantage is that it’s very easy to handle and it can be easily adapted to go over small areas.

10. Removing bird droppings

Birds leave their droppings all over the place, regardless of whether it’s your yard, the hood of your car, or the windows of your home. The problem is when these droppings dry out and are difficult to remove.

By rubbing the magic eraser over the spot a couple of times, it’s possible to clean the excrement off surfaces. You must discard this sponge afterward or use it only for this purpose.

11. Cleaning white leather furniture with the magic eraser

If your white leather furniture has a stain that you haven’t been able to remove with another method, you can opt to use the magic eraser. However, be very careful not to wear the fabric too much.

12. Beautify outdoor furniture

Furniture that’s used for patios and decks gets dirty from being exposed to the environment, sun, and rain. The magic eraser is a tool you can use to perform periodic maintenance so that they don’t deteriorate as quickly.

Water running from a faucet.
Faucets tend to accumulate lime scale, which gives them a rusty and aged appearance. With the Magic Eraser, this is solved.

How do I use the magic eraser?

The magic eraser is very easy to use because it doesn’t require any other product. Sometimes, you need a little water to make it work better on the surface, as is the case with walls.

Otherwise, you just rub against the surface you want to clean. The intensity of the friction will depend on the type of stain. This sponge won’t last for many uses. However, it’s inexpensive and you can keep several around the house.

The first step to follow when using the magic eraser is to perform a small test on the surface you want to clean. As its effect is similar to that of fine sandpaper, it can damage surfaces, so it’s better to be cautious. Those that are most likely to suffer damage are those with shiny finishes.

Use the magic eraser with caution

As you’ve read in this article, there are multiple uses for the magic eraser. However, as it is abrasive and removes a small layer of the surface, it’s important to use it with caution.

We don’t recommend using it on the screens of electronic devices, such as computers, televisions, or cell phones. Also, avoid using it on computer keys, as it will make the numbers and letters fade.

At the same time, don’t try to wipe it on Teflon pans. Avoid trying to use it to polish jewelry as it could cause damage.

Finally, although some people often use it to fix scratches on cars, you should also be cautious when doing so and not cause worse damage.

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