Discover the Four Great Charms of Menopause

Menopause isn't a "curse" like so many women make it out to be. In reality, it's a beautiful time of change that comes with its own wonderful charms.
Discover the Four Great Charms of Menopause

Last update: 03 November, 2020

Menopause is a very powerful change for a woman. In many cases, it comes with symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue and hair loss.

In addition, above all, there is a variety of emotions, which can bring great challenges and many charms if we know how to balance them. 

Discover the four great charms of menopause in this article.

Menopause is new stage where we begin to love ourselves more, take better care of ourselves, and enjoy the experience and wisdom we’ve acquired. Do not be afraid and enjoy it!

Accepting menopause

Menopause involves the disappearance of ovulation cycles in women. 

No matter what, we shouldn’t face this inevitable moment as a trauma or something negative. Every stage of life is special, and we should enjoy them.

At the same time, it’s important to cope with the symptoms as well as possible. Instead of complaining about this inevitable change, let’s learn to focus and be positive.

Here are some tips:

1. It’s an excuse to learn to appreciate life more

The fear of aging is embedded in our mentality. We all have an endless desire to be young despite the passage of time. 

Unfortunately, this thought only causes conflict and inner pain. As we see the changes that the body experiences with age, we put ourselves on guard and start a fight against aging.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to learn to grow old. It’s important to accept and live life calmly and intensely, whatever our year of birth.

Developing an obsession to pretend to be what we’re not makes things harder. Accepting the arrival of menopause will make us treat it normally and, in turn, make the symptoms less difficult.

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2. It reminds us that we have a body to take care of and pamper

When we begin menopause, it’s the perfect moment to turn our attention to our health. It can be a good time to take care of ourselves and to pamper ourselves. This way, we’ll learn the signs of change that our body sends us and we can find great remedies and natural treatments.

That’s when we should spend more time on ourselves. Slow down the endless list of daily obligations and take better care of yourself. 

How about going once a week to a spa? How about some yoga classes? Swimming sessions? Ballroom dancing? Take care of your body and have fun with it!

3. It helps you learn how to control your emotions

It’s true that hormonal changes cause emotions to multiply. Everything becomes more intense, the good… and the not so good.

  • Learn to control frustration, changes in plans, destructive emotions, and unleashed euphoria.
  • Try to understand this change in menopause so as not to make problems bigger than they are. Enjoy life with joy and tranquility.

Try to see things with a new perspective by focusing on every moment. Keep calm and be patient with yourself and with all of the changes that you’re still learning to live with.

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4. It reminds to to enjoy the growing self-esteem of aging

Focusing on positive emotions

Above all, the charms of menopause are based on everything we’ve lived. However, the passage of time also leaves its traces on the body. It’s not always easy to accept what has already happened.

That’s why menopause is also time to take advantage of this stage to reinforce your self-esteem.

Maturity should go hand in hand with self-esteem. The body is important, but we’ve already learned that it’s not the only important part of you. For this reason, let yourself go and fall in love your best virtues, your own company, your anecdotes. Everything you’ve overcome is reason enough for your self-esteem to be where it should be: high.

Menopause is also the moment to recover what you’ve been missing for years. Who said that as you get older, you could not complete a career, learn a trade, or travel to that place where you had always wanted?

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this new amazing stage of life!

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