Discover Some Potentially Carcinogenic Foods

· July 13, 2015
It can be difficult for your body to adjust to healthier foods and initially you may experience headaches or other bothers.

Did you know that according to some studies, certain foods are potentially carcinogenic if eaten on a daily basis? We may eat some of these foods very often, without knowing the risks that can arise later on.

We will explain to you in this article which potentially carcinogenic foods you should limit or avoid, especially if you have a history of cancer in your family, or simply if you want to play it safe.

Genetically modified

Numerous studies show that genetically modified foods present health risks, which will become clearer as the years go by, after it will already be too late for many. Mass-produced agriculture has crossed many ethical lines, looking for a larger turnaround as opposed to a better quality. In addition, genetically modified foods are associated with other problems such as infertility and allergies.

The most common genetically modified foods are soy and corn products. The problem doesn’t just affect these foods, but also its flours and other derivatives, since corn starch or syrup is found in a lot of sweets, and almost all cattle is fed with genetically modified soy, and we later unknowingly eat all of these things.

For this reason, we recommend eating organic foods, especially if they contain soy or corn like meat, milk, or eggs. We also recommend you always read the nutrition facts with care.

Corn Flour

Refined sugar

In spite of the fact that refined sugar has always been a delicacy, more and more nutritionists are considering it to be the “white poison.” Some studies have confirmed refined sugar breeds cancer, since it yields no health benefits whatsoever, but in fact steals nutrients and acidifies. Tumors tend to form in acidified flesh from malnutrition, stress, poor lifestyle habits, an excess of toxins, etc.

It also leads to the spreading of parasites and a higher tendency to suffer from pancreas problems and cardiovascular diseases.

It is not enough to eliminate refined sugar from your diet to solve it, but rather also consider all of those foods that contain it: drinks, pastries, chocolates, candies, etc.

Here are some much healthier sugar alternatives:

  • Stevia
  • Bee honey
  • Sugar cane honey
  • Whole cane sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Agave syrup
  • Cereal molasses
Cane Sugar

Refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates take healthy whole grains and remove the fiber, which is an important  nutrient in the digestion process. Some examples of commonly processed and refined cereals and flours are:

  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Processed pastries
  • Crackers
  • Doughs

These foods tend to be eaten daily, in which case they can possibly cause colon cancer or breast cancer in the long run. Furthermore, they can cause weight gain, acid, poor digestion, and constipation.

On the other hand, regularly eating whole grains promotes healthy digestion and allows you to feel fuller, which is why it should be included in our diet if you want to lose weight.

Flax Bread

Final suggestions

Now that we’ve analyzed the three big foods that are potentially cancer-causing if eaten regularly, here are a few final suggestions that may help you heed our advice:

Choose organic foods.  Just because a product is called natural, it does not necessarily mean that it has organic ingredients, and they tend to have cheap, unhealthy, potentially cancer-causing ingredients. You should especially avoid soy, corn, and their byproducts.

Cut refined sugar and foods sweetened with refined sugar out of your diet, and replace it with natural sweeteners.

Choose whole grains, with natural fiber. This change should also include more water, aside from just eating these foods, since the body can initially struggle to adjust and you may suffer from constipation, headaches, or other irritation. After a while, these changes will go away and you will notice a huge improvement.

Images courtesy of michelle@TNS, kulinarno, and bookchen.