Discover the Cannabis-Tobacco Knot and How to Break It

The cannabis-tobacco knot is the joint addiction to both substances. You can break it with pharmacological measures or psychological therapy. Professional intervention is almost always necessary.
Discover the Cannabis-Tobacco Knot and How to Break It

Last update: 24 July, 2021

The cannabis-tobacco knot is the relationship that exists between the consumption of both substances. It’s also a way of expressing the difficulty of overcoming both addictions, especially when a person is addicted to both substances.

Until relatively recently, experts didn’t know much about the mutual influence between both drugs. In other words, they hadn’t related cannabis and tobacco use. However, it seems that they’re closely linked.

Most people smoke cannabis in a joint. To do this, most people add tobacco to the mix to be able to consume it. As such, they ingest both substances.

However, it also seems that there’s a reverse relationship as well. In this article, we explain what the cannabis-tobacco knot consists of and how to break it. Both cannabis and tobacco are very harmful substances, which is why people should avoid consuming them.

What’s the cannabis-tobacco knot?

Cannabis and tobacco are complementary substances that experts often link. In fact, the latest statistics have shown the close link between the use of both drugs. This is because cannabis is almost always consumed with tobacco. In addition to that, it seems that many people like to smoke a cigarette after smoking marijuana.

Similarly, many decide to quit one but continue to consume the other. This complicates the process and can make recovery more difficult.

Studies have shown that smoking tobacco also increases the risk of marijuana use throughout life. Ultimately, the problem is that dependency multiplies and worsens.

Presently, most cannabis users are people in their 30s. However, consumption in young people is very high. In addition, almost all of the people who consume this substance also use other drugs.

Cannabis may be the gateway to other major addictions.

Why is the cannabis-tobacco knot so harmful?

As we explained above, both substances are harmful to health. Consuming both of them logically increases the risks. However, joint use hasn’t been shown to aggravate their separate effects.

Experts believe that cannabis could increase the addictive potential of nicotine. They’ve also studied how tolerance to these drugs changes when they’re ingested at the same time.

What they do know is that, as they’re drugs that are usually smoked, both can negatively affect the lungs. In addition to all the harmful effects of tobacco, we should note that cannabis is associated with an increased risk of psychotic disorders.

Similarly, you can’t forget the influence it can have at a personal and social level. Addiction to any substance can damage relationships and affect job or student performance.

A person smoking a cigarette.
Many people like to smoke a cigarette after consuming cannabis, which increases the risk of the knot.

How to break the cannabis-tobacco knot

This knot is hard to break. In itself, to overcome addiction to either of the two substances, a person will need a lot of determination and willpower. However, there are increasingly more measures and forms of support to help people achieve this.

Firstly, to solve this problem, countries need to regulate the accessibility to these drugs. In other words, specific measures should be implemented to stop the traffic of both, especially in young people. Similarly, it’s important to promote a good education to avoid their consumption.

On the other hand, people can resort to different means to break the knot. You can start by quitting one substance and then the other. Or you could try to quit both at the same time.

Many psychological support treatments are available. In fact, some pharmacological measures help people quit their addiction. However, therapies yield the best results and are the most effective.

To consider

Pharmacological treatments only help reduce nicotine addiction but aren’t very effective to help quit cannabis. The cannabis-tobacco knot requires multiple interventions and an interdisciplinary approach. It’s best to ask a specialist for help and choose the best options and solutions to break the knot.

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