Different People Make Life More Fun

· September 27, 2016
Don’t ever be afraid to be different. Surround yourself with different people who respect and value the way you are and don’t try to change you.

Different people break new ground, they wear the shades of a challenge, and they infuse life with that splash of joyous color that infects you with their way of being.

As Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” and believe it or not, this is something that is hard to do. Those who dare to have an unusual voice are almost always made fun of.

But life is always more exciting if you dare to take the plunge and break that desire to be the same as everyone else: everyone with the same physical abilities, the same style, and the same thoughts.

It’s not worth it—it’s unhealthy and it won’t make you happy. Being unique is a virtue that everyone should strive to achieve.

We invite you to reflect on this.

When being different makes you afraid

Everyone has inner needs: voices, interests, dreams, and desires that you don’t dare share with anyone. You worry that others will be surprised, or even worse, reject you.

Your education and the environment that you inhabit can often facilitate this, because it rarely respects those who are “different” or who don’t follow the established norms.

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  • A particular way of dressing, values, political ideals, sexual orientation, friendships, or hobbies could all be aspects that you don’t dare show out of fear.

The fear of being rejected.

This isn’t right. Whoever doesn’t dare show the world their needs and their identity is just living the lives of others and never their own, which they feel and crave.

It’s worth spending a few moments thinking about the following dimensions.


The hard “script of life”

The truth, whether you like it or not, is that most people try to fit in with the “script of life.”

That means that as social groups and individuals, we strive to fit into society, to be like the rest. This is how you manage to integrate and be accepted.

Acceptance provides you with balance and you receive emotional rewards from others.

Your parents, for example, will be happy if you pursue the job that they recommended for you or if you do the things that they had planned.

Your friends will be glad if you go with them to a party, and even if it’s not your style, you’re willing to experiment.

  • Eventually you’ll notice that you’re spending a lot of time trying to fit into that “script of life,” while ignoring many of your own desires, tastes, and worries because they’re too different from what is expected of you.

Now…where do all these behaviors get you?

  • You turn away from your own identity.
  • You stop reinforcing your own idea of who you are to create a false life raft that pulls you away from yourself in order to survive.
  • You need to be honest with yourself: if you’re merely surviving to fit the script that other make up for you, you’re not living—it’s not a real life.

It’s a lie that sooner or later will lead to personal crisis and depression.


Different people don’t wear masks—they’re free

People more or less wear their own masks. Sometimes you put them on to hide your sorrows, to be strong for your children, to be a friend.

  • There are masks that are necessary, but some of them can hide a truly frustrating reality. This is the frustration of not being what you really want to be—the unhappiness of not being able to do what you want.
  • So…why not dare to be different? Far from seeing it as something dangerous, try to accept it as an opportunity. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’re involved with every day.
  • Being different is a personal investment that will allow you to enjoy greater personal energy, vitality, creativity, and of course, happiness.

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To achieve this and take the plunge, surround yourself with people who allow you to be you in all your essence. Avoid people who judge you, who don’t accept you, who raise an eyebrow every time you make a comment that’s original and fun.

Stay away from those who don’t understand your sense of humor and judge you, who make you build walls every day, when you in fact need to open roads with the gleam of the dawn and a horizon filled with opportunity…where each day, trains go by with your name on them.