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Do You Know How Beneficial a Foot Massage is Before Bedtime?

Foot massages are relaxing and bring many benefits to the body. Find out why you should give yourself a foot massage before bed here!
Do You Know How Beneficial a Foot Massage is Before Bedtime?

Last update: 03 November, 2021

Our feet play a very important role in our lives. They support our whole body to be able to do our daily activities. For this reason, one of the ways to take care of them and prevent future ailments is through a foot massage before going to sleep.

This type of technique helps to relax not only the feet, but also the whole body. In addition, massages provide the body with important benefits.

More research is needed to confirm the benefits of massages. However, some studies have found that massages can also be useful in cases of:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Stress-related insomnia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

However, we almost never take special care of our feet. They tend to go unnoticed most of the time. Only when we start to feel aches, calluses, or other problems is when we look for a way to relieve them.

To make massages a daily habit, here are 8 important reasons to massage your feet every day before going to sleep.

A foot massage may help strengthen the immune system


Massages are intended to stimulate the reflexes of the feet to achieve relaxation and healing. These types of techniques help prevent the harmful effects of stress which, as many know, can lead to serious physical and emotional health problems.

Regular foot massage can help strengthen the immune system. They also help prevent health problems associated with stress.

They help with energy and rejuvenation

Foot massages restore and energize the recipient. The feet bring together the elements of massage to energize the entire body.

Reflexology theories suggest that a foot massage releases blockages that may be obstructing energy, which should be flowing freely throughout the body.

A foot massage improves circulation

Circulacion en las piernas

Good blood circulation is responsible for oxygen and nutrients being properly transported to the cells. Through this function, the blood is also purified and can eliminate toxins and waste.

As blood flow can be affected by stress, a foot massage can improve this problem by helping to release tension.

They help promote balance and harmony

When systems are affected by stress and fatigue, harmonizing the body and mind can be very difficult.

However, this balance can be achieved through a foot massage. It encourages homeostasis, a process that makes all the body’s systems work in harmony.

Foot massages can help promote healthy skin


By helping to improve blood circulation, it also helps to prevent the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, eliminating excess oil that affects the skin.

It also acts on free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging and improving skin tone.

Similarly, the Instituto Superior de Estudios (ISED), shows that this centuries-old technique allows to act on the deepest skin layers that are directly linked to the blood vessels, the sebaceous glands, the central nervous system, and other areas of the body.

Consequently, the benefits of massage go far beyond aesthetic or relaxing issues. In fact, they have a positive impact on the rest of the body, both directly and indirectly.

On the other hand, massage produces multiple and important effects on the skin that are both aesthetic and physiological. These benefits can be immediate and in the medium or long term.

Massages help prevent cramps

Relaxing the feet through massage could help strengthen tissue and help reduce lactic acid levels, which tends to increase its concentration of lactates and which generally occurs when the demand for energy in tissues, mainly muscular, exceeds the availability of oxygen in the blood.

In many cases, this acid is actually responsible for causing cramps and muscle aches.

They promote tranquility and relaxation

Pies bonitos

The connection between the feet and the rest of the body allows massages to relieve anxiety and help to reach a state of deep relaxation.

An important point found in both feet is the solar plexus reflex. This point, which is where stress accumulates, can be worked with an acupressure technique to renew the body and eliminate negative energies.

Acupressure is to make a slight pressure and massage using the fingers to achieve various health benefits.

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A foot massage can help relieve many ailments

Traditional Chinese medicine discovered that acupressure acts on the “pressure points” that are in the feet and can help in the treatment of various health conditions.

According to this Asian philosophy, there are 18 essential points for the treatment of ailments and diseases, to relieve pain, for preventive purposes, treatment for addictions, energy balance. For example, points 11 and 12 are in the feet, “representing” the bladder and liver, respectively.

It’s recommended to do a massage that lasts 10 to 15 minutes to reduce ailments and prevent disease. You can use a type of moisturizer and massage in the form of circles and straight lines that go back and forth in the same direction.

Finally, remember that it’s always important to seek the opinion of a professional if you notice that there is any abnormality or that your stress levels are very high.

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