Detox Your Body in Three Days with This Diet

23 November, 2018

Do not extend this diet beyond three days because it is a very restrictive program meant only to detox your body.

Not having time is a major reason that people don’t eat well. Maybe junk food occupies too large a part of your diet. That’s why it’s so important to detox your body from time to time, like with this 3-day plan.

Your schedule may not allow you to focus on the lifestyle you want, and thinking about health may just not be a part of your normal life. But the result will be fatigue and illness.

Your body needs more nutrients and healthy meals — and putting all this together requires planning. The body always speaks; listen to it! It’s time to detox your body and restore your organs to good health.

Detox diet

Bowl of Liquid Yogurt

People search the internet for miracle diets but it turns out that success is achieved with dedication and perseverance. We bring up this idea because three days is enough time to restore your body and recover, but then you must continue with a balanced diet.

Detoxifying the body is about eliminating harmful toxins, toxins that make your skin look damaged or weaken your organs. The key is a change from the inside out.

A detox diet is the first step. It will be only three days, which is why it will be very restrictive. It will consist of eating fruits and vegetables, soup or broth, and teas that help in the hydration process, with few proteins and carbohydrates.

You can eat snacks between meals. Nutritionist Andrea Miranda, director of the Argentine Society of Aesthetics and Integral Nutrition (SAENI), says that two servings per day are enough. They can be low-fat yogurt, light gelatin, grapes or nuts.

More water to hydrate

Dr. Miranda explains that in these purification plans, water is very important. She suggests drinking two to three liters every 24 hours to optimally hydrate your body.

Water purifies the body and helps cleanse organs such as the kidneys, which are so important in removing toxins from your body. In addition, in these three-day plans, it’s advisable to start with a liquid-based fast to accelerate the process. You’ll be encouraging the production of new cells and activating your organs for better functioning.

Keys to a good detox diet

To cleanse your body in three days, you must be sure to provide your body with nutrients and minerals. Despite the brevity of the diet, you still need a balanced diet. It’s not worth risking your health.

Cook Without Salt to detox your body.

Here are some tips:

  • Drink two or three liters of water per day.
  • Don’t forget carbohydrates, but eliminate flour and processed sugar.
  • For carbohydrates, you can consume fruits, vegetables and tubers. These three food groups support your immune system.
  • Fruits are an excellent source of sugar and contain many nutrients. Choose diuretics like pineapple and try to consume them solid.
  • Don’t forget about nuts for snacks.
  • No carbohydrate should be consumed at night.
  • For the proteins, go with fresh meat and fish.Prepare them without condiments and eat them in small portions.
  • Reduce your salt intake in order to prevent fluid retention and to stimulate diuresis.
  • Forget about fried foods. If you do need oil, use olive or coconut oil.

Diet guide

Here is an example of what you can consume in this detox diet.


  • Start with tea. Serve with whole-wheat toast and add low-fat cheese. Drink some citrus juice (lemon or orange).
  • Another option: a handful of dried fruits (hazelnut, almonds, walnuts and peanuts).


  • Vegetable soup. Salad, with enough raw or cooked vegetables. Accompany with light gelatin and plenty of water.
  • Alternative option: 10 grapes and a cup of tea.


  • Chicken or meat broth. Cooked vegetables. Chicken, meat or fish that you can eat fresh, baked, or boiled. Accompany with fruit and water.

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Infusions or tea

Mint Tea

Drinking tea will be a big help in these three days. You will prevent fluid retention and boost the detoxification process. Infusions are good for your body and go well any time of year, whether winter or summer.

Go for green tea because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Also consider white tea, which is ideal if you deal with anxiety or stress. It contains amino acids and is recommended for people with hypertension.

Remember that detox diets should not be a punishment. It will be three hard days, with many restrictions, but the point is to improve your physical and mental health.

We encourage you to make good decisions after these three days. The real results will be seen if you follow a healthy and balanced eating plan and exercise regularly.