Detox Your Underarms and Prevent Breast Cancer

· August 30, 2016
Because commercially available deodorants contain chemicals that can be harmful, detoxing is essential to prevent breast cancer and get rid of toxins.

The use of deodorants and antiperspirants is part of the personal care routines for most people around the world.

Their use is intended to reduce excess sweating and slow any bacterial growth that can give rise to bad odors.

What many people don’t know, however, is that some of them contain toxic substances that can cross the skin barrier and lead to serious illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

If this information sounds a bit alarming, you should know that several studies have found that compounds like parabens, phthalates, and aluminum can cause breast cancer when applied locally.

This is because they interfere with your body’s activities that regulate hormones, causing imbalances in levels of estrogen.

This is aggravated by the fact that they can also clog the pores of your underarms, preventing toxins within the body from being eliminated.

That’s why several methods for detox using natural ingredients have been tested for some time now, facilitating the removal of bacteria and any chemical residue buildup.

These detox treatments are easy to make at home and are a great option for helping you avoid the negative consequences of these commercial products and prevent breast cancer.

Why detox the underarms?

2 detox underarms

There are a lot of sweat glands that are present in the underarm region that facilitate the elimination of sweat to regulate body temperature, removing toxins and helping you maintain a proper level of hydration.

Your natural pH doesn’t have an odor, but it is altered when bacteria begin to ferment or find the right environment in which to proliferate.

Because of this unpleasant smell, most people prefer to use chemicals that neutralize odors and give a more fresh feeling in this region.

The problem is that the ingredients remain on the skin and can be absorbed inside the body.

In small amounts, it won’t cause a problem, but in the long term, the chemicals can build up and trigger the development of serious diseases.

This is where detox can play an important role, allowing you to eliminate the accumulated substances and prevent breast cancer.

The ingredients that you combine for this detox are free of toxins and have antibacterial properties that can be substituted for those commercial hygiene products.

While the idea here is to use them as a way to cleanse the toxins from your body, you can also use them to control odors and changes in the pH.

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How to detox your underarms and prevent breast cancer

3 detox mask

Given the risk associated with high levels of toxins in the underarm area, it’s worth following a few simple steps to detox this region naturally and prevent breast cancer.

These ingredients are easy to find in any market or herbalist shop, although you must be sure to verify that they’re completely organic.

The first is apple cider vinegar, which contains natural acids that reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi, and toxins.

There are some additional essential oils that hide odors while eliminating the microorganisms that cause them.

Furthermore, bentonite clay helps remove dead skin cells and supports the other ingredients in the removal of toxins that have built up.


  • 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar (10 ml)
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 5 drops of coriander essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay (10 g)


  • Add the apple cider vinegar to a glass bowl and mix in the bentonite clay.
  • Once they are mixed well, add the essential oils and blend until you have a cream.
  • Let this sit for a few hours before proceeding to apply it.

How to use it

  • Wash your underarms well before applying this treatment to remove any traces of commercial antiperspirants.
  • Spread a thin layer of the product over your underarms using a gentle circular massage.
  • Leave it on for five minutes before rinsing with cold water.
  • Repeat this application every day for a period of two to three weeks.
  • Complement this treatment by increasing your consumption of water and foods that contain antioxidants.

This method will not only reduce the presence of toxins in the underarm region, but will also eliminate bad odors and unsightly dark spots.

To avoid the continued build up of toxic substances in this area, however, you should always use caution when buying personal hygiene products.

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If you read the labels carefully you can identify more gentle compounds or formulas that are not as harmful.