How to Detect Alzheimer’s in Time

· June 26, 2015

A loss in memory and mental capabilities can become a problem when we forget important questions or when we lose concentration during routine activities.

We all know that memory problems are characteristic of Alzheimer’s, but there are many other health problems that can help us detect Alzheimer‘s.  Separately, they aren’t necessarily important, but you should keep them in mind and be able to distinguish them from instances of stress and lack of concentration, etc. for example.

We will explain what signs and symptoms can help detect Alzheimer’s and the possibility of suffering from this disease.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by deteriorating cognition and behavioral disorders.  Those who suffer from this are usually over the age of 65, and tend to have immediate memory loss and loss of other mental capabilities.  Beyond just these well-known symptoms, there are many others that can help diagnose and prevent this disease in people that may even be under the age of 60.

For example, many patients with this disease have a relative that has previously suffered from it, and this can be one warning sign to watch out for, in addition to the symptoms we are about to share with you.

Memory loss

Memory loss is one of the most common early signs of Alzheimer’s, but it shouldn’t be a major concern if things are occasionally forgotten and then later remembered again.  It is significant, however, when the things forgotten have either just been learned or are regarding important questions that should be remembered.  You may note that you need reminders to not forget things.

Loss of mental capabilities

You may notice that questions you used to be able to answer without a problem now require a lot more thought, are slower to answer, and result in you losing concentration.  They could be common questions like how to pay a bill, fill out a form, fix a problem, etc.

Disoriented time and space

This sign is more serious if you frequently forget the day or place, why you have gone to a certain place, and in spite of many attempts to remember, you can’t seem to do so.

Elderly Woman

Problems understanding and reacting to images

With this point, we should differentiate between the possibility of a purely visual problem like myopia, cataracts, etc.  Here, we’re referring to difficulty reading, gauging distance, distinguishing between colors, etc.

Trouble speaking

People suffering from Alzheimer’s have a difficult time following a conversation, especially when they are fast-paced or include several people.  It is sometimes difficult to think of certain words, or they may get confused.

Easily misplace things

People with Alzheimer’s frequently move things and forget where they placed them.  In some cases, they even begin to think that other people have hid these objects from them.

Lack of common sense

Family members really suffer when those suffering from Alzheimer’s make decisions that seem to be senseless.  Even though we all can make decisions that seem impolite, in this case there seems to be no logic or reasoning behind the decision.  One example could be the person simply gives away money for no reason, etc.

Lack of hygiene

A lack of personal hygiene is another early warning sign of this disease.  It may be difficult to bathe, get dressed, etc., in some cases because it results in a physical or mental strain.

Isolation and lack of initiative

This point is important because it influences our attitude.  You may lose initiative to do activities that you used to do all the time: memory exercises, social or family events, exercise, etc.  This may lead you to feel a loss in your capacity to complete activities required of you when you are with other people.


Changes in mood or personality

All of the previously mentioned symptoms and signs can lead to changes in mood, causing depression, frustration, or irritability. They can also cause personality changes, due to the person suffering becoming more fearful or nervous.

Images courtesy of timsamoff and MTSOfan.