Deodorants: With or Without Aluminum Salts?

Deodorants are personal hygiene products that help counteract odor. But, what about deodorants that contain aluminum salts? Are they safe?
Deodorants: With or Without Aluminum Salts?

Last update: 08 April, 2021

Natural deodorants are one of the most popular products in natural cosmetics. They have proven health and environmental benefits. What’s more, they’re a great alternative for those who prefer to avoid aluminum salts.

Environmental factors affect the condition and appearance of the skin. Therefore, everything you can do to diminish these effects will benefit its health and appearance. What should you take into account?

One of the things that can help you take care of your skin’s health is to use natural products that contain non-aggressive ingredients. Let’s look at the best option in the case of deodorants.

Do you know the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

The items we use for our hygiene must also respect our body as much as possible. One of the products most used daily by both men and women is deodorant.

Deodorants are used to eliminate odor. To do this, they contain substances in their formulation that control the bacteria on the skin, which are responsible for degrading sweat and producing odors.

However, antiperspirants are capable of partially eliminating sweat production. We can’t completely eliminate perspiration, as we’d be jeopardizing our thermoregulation and skin purification.

A woman applying deodorant.

Deodorant and antiperspirant products

Deodorants are personal hygiene products that help counteract odors. Their formula usually contains antimicrobial substances that control odor-causing bacteria. They also often incorporate fragrances and perfumes to mask odors.

On the other hand, there are antiperspirant products, which are personal hygiene products like deodorants. However, in addition to body odor, antiperspirants control perspiration levels, preventing the appearance of sweat.

To do this, they include chemical components such as aluminum salts in their formulation. On the market, you can find different formats of deodorants such as aerosols, sticks, creams, and roll-ons.

Nowadays, most users are looking for a more natural product. Specifically, in the topic we are dealing with, they are aluminum-free deodorants.

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Aluminum salts

Aluminum salts are one of the components that have been used the most to control excessive sweating. These salts act by blocking the glands that produce sweat, i.e. the sweat glands.

For some time now, this chemical compound has been removed from the formulation of deodorants because of its possible carcinogenic effects, although more scientific evidence is needed.

The findings regarding its relationship with cancer are inconclusive, but there are studies linking this chemical compound to breast cancer.

The hypothesis of the relationship between aluminum salts and breast cancer was developed at a hospital in Manchester. Scientists found elevated levels of this metal in the breast area near the armpits.

These studies raised the alarm about the use of deodorants containing aluminum salts and led to an increase in the consumption of more natural products.

Today, there are many deodorants on the market that don’t contain aluminum salts and are antiperspirants due to the effect of other compounds such as zinc.

A woman spraying deodorant on her armpit after taking a shower.

What are the best deodorants without aluminum salts?

Within natural cosmetics, deodorants without aluminum salts are one of the most popular products. The formulas of aluminum-free products on the market usually contain essential oils or alkaline minerals and natural plant extracts.

These components fulfill the function of preventing odor but don’t act on perspiration. Despite this, as they’re natural ingredients, in addition to preventing odor, they take care of your skin by avoiding contact with substances that can be harmful.

Currently, as an alternative to aluminum salts, there are natural active ingredients based on mineral salts of marine origin. These active ingredients control the proliferation of microorganisms on the skin when you sweat or when your body temperature rises.

Moreover, they can be used in all formats of deodorants, which indicates that the market is evolving towards the incorporation of innovative products that prevent body odor.


Your daily habits influence the condition and appearance of your skin. Therefore, they also influence your body odor. If you have problems with sweating and bad odor, ask your doctor what type of deodorant you should use.

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