The Definitive Solution for Cellulite is Free and Natural

Getting rid of cellulite is something that's kept many women in suspense for years. Is it possible that the solution is simpler than you think?
The Definitive Solution for Cellulite is Free and Natural

Last update: 13 September, 2020

Diets, creams, treatments, exercise… You’ve tried almost every solution for cellulite, spent a small fortune, and the problem may have diminished a little bit, but it just won’t disappear. There’s a simple technique out there, however, that’s free and will bring you remarkable results from even the first few days.

However, it should also be noted that it is a questioned method. Some say that instead of counteracting cellulite, it could even be harmful to the dermis.

In today’s article, we want to describe this famous and controversial solution for cellulite that’s free and 100% natural, and you only need a few minutes a day for it.

What is Cellulite?

A woman touching her wrinkly leg.

Cellulite is most commonly referred to as an aesthetic problem, but it’s actually a subcutaneous tissue disorder that’s related to your circulation, hormones, and genetics. According to an investigation by Offarm, t’s also highly related to your dietary and exercise routines.

It appears most commonly in the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, as the buildup of fat under connective tissues gives the skin an irregular appearance.

It usually appears progressively and worsens during periods such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause – stages during which your hormones are altered and estrogen tends to dominate.

Is there an effective solution for cellulite?

Why do most solutions for cellulite not work?  First of all, because there are no miracle remedies. A Mayo Clinic article details complex procedures such as laser treatment, radiofrequency, acoustic waves, or even surgery; each has its potential and its side effects.

When it comes to lifestyle, as mentioned in the aforementioned Offarm publication, your diet is an essential component for eliminating cellulite. Low calorie and low-fat diets aren’t the answer, however. You must reduce your intake of sugar, refined grains and flours, and hydrogenated fats.

A woman saying no to doughnuts.

Exercise is also a must, so you should do a cardiovascular activity at an average intensity on a regular basis. Physical activity, in addition to preventing gaining weight, tones the muscles and improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Of course, given the above, creams will never be effective on their own. The treatments may give us some good results, in certain cases, but these are usually temporary, and the problem will continue to exist.

For this reason, we need a method that’s a combination of good nutrition, better circulation, and lymphatic drainage that is both powerful and effective. Is this possible?

Dry brushing

The technique of dry brushing is becoming more popular, especially after those who have tried it are enthusiastically recommending it. However, this conflicts with the lack of scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.

All you need is a brush and a few minutes each day to scrub the areas where you have cellulite, or over your entire body if you wish.

Beliefs about its effectiveness are varied. Some say you’ll notice the effects instantly because you’ll be able to feel how your circulation improves and your skin becomes much smoother.

On the other hand, there are those who argue it could be more harmful than beneficial since the action of the dry brush could irritate the skin. In any case, they claim it’s likely to help open pores. This is due to its exfoliating action, and this allows better absorption of cellulite creams. That is, it could be beneficial but in an indirect way.

Where to get the right brush

A brush on a marble surface.

The brush you choose should be made with natural bristles. The handle is usually long and made of wood. It’s the type of brush that’s typically used to scrub the back or other areas that are hard to reach.

They’re sold in some pharmacies, herbalists, beauty stores, and online. There are even specific brushes made for dry brushing.

How to dry brush

You can use this solution for cellulite between 2 and 10 minutes every day. The important thing is to be consistent and not stop. You’ll follow these steps:

  • When your skin is clean and dry, always brush your skin upwards, starting at your feet.
  • You should use a firm brushing motion but don’t hurt yourself. The skin should turn red. As we mentioned above, this method can irritate the most sensitive skin, so we recommend caution while brushing.
  • You can move from side to side as you brush farther upwards.
  • You’ll brush your feet, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, and waist, in that order.
  • In your abdominal region, brush in a circular pattern around your navel.

You can do this at any time of the day. The effects will be more pronounced, however, if you brush first and then take a cold shower, followed by an anti-cellulite cream. Of course, it is also possible to do both.

Important tips – a solution for cellulite

In order for this solution for cellulite to be effective, don’t forget to follow the food and exercise advice we gave at the beginning. These won’t only reduce the risk of cellulite, but will also help the body function better in general.

In addition to that, it’s fundamental that you avoid tight clothing and high heels. It’s also recommended to moderate tobacco and alcohol consumption, as they worsen circulation, fight stress, which interferes with any healing treatment you want to perform, and regulate your hormones, if necessary.

In conclusion, although there’s still no definitive solution for cellulite, there are good lifestyle habits that can mitigate it.

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