Decoration Ideas for a Birthday Celebration to Remember

September 12, 2018
Party themes milestone birthday often follow trends. That's why you should always aim for fresh, versatile and unique ideas. After all, it's a very special occasion.

The special day is getting closer and you’ve already started the preparations. In most cases of big events, you may choose a theme and work from there.

When you sit down to jot out some ideas, you begin to realize that you can’t think of anything! But don’t worry, we have several decoration ideas for a special birthday party that’ll help make it unforgettable.

Decoration themes for a once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration

Themed birthday parties are very popular since they allow the birthday girl, or boy, to make their dreams come true and share them with their friends and families in a special way. A milestone birthday party is the perfect opportunity to let their interests and personalities dazzle.

Themed parties are always a wonderful idea. Remember, it’s a celebration that you’ll only enjoy once in your life, so make sure to choose a theme that you’re passionate about.

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Decorating with recycled material

Birthday Celebration

If you don’t have access to other resources or prefer up-cycling, you can use recycled material for decoration. Using recycled material doesn’t mean that there’s just going to be “trash” everywhere.

On the contrary, you can use objects creatively and dress them up with a little paint and a couple of other tricks.

In addition, most of the time these kinds of decorations actually look even better than the store-bought ones. Of course, it all depends on your craftiness.

Some of the best ideas are:

  • Painting glass jars in different colors and using them as decoration.
  • Using tin cans.
  • Fashioning plastic bottles into flower arrangements.
  • Lining cans with newspaper to paint over them.
  • …and many more!

Princess-themed decorations

Birthday Cards made with Foamy

If you want to be a princess for a day, you should aim to decorate the room royally and everyone should treat you as the princess you are!

Below are some practical ideas for your fairy-tale princess party:

  • Poofy, ruffled dresses are the most popular choice.
  • In addition, the most sought out colors are pastel tones and the entire purple-violet range as they evoke mysticism and fantasy.
  • Layered cakes are the most popular kind of cake for princess parties. Cake decoration is also important; make sure it matches well with the rest of your party decorations.
  • Don’t skimp out on the details for your princess-themed party. Get a throne and a royal carpet for the main doors along with a castle-like entrance.
  • “Enchanted” mirrors and lights are also great for princess themes.
  • The table centerpieces should revolve around what the birthday princess wants. Popular ideas include medium-sized bouquets and aromatic candle sets.

Neon-themed birthday party

This neon theme is a little unconventional, but it’s fun. Neon-themed birthday parties are lively and unforgettable. Some ideas for your neon-themed party are:

  • Sweets and drinks (with and without alcohol) with a colorful display are a win.
  • If you’re planning on keeping the room dark and just lit by the decorations themselves (neon paint and such), you should try using white for the tablecloths and other objects. By keeping things white, all the attention will go to the neon colors.
  • The centerpieces should be fun and innovative. Giant cassettes, vinyl discs and other pieces will make for some great options.
  • You can also combine retro objects with modern-day ones.

Even though everything is neon, bright and colorful, try not to overdo it. Decorating a room is one thing, decorating 20 rooms that are all in one is another!

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Mask-themed party decorations

Just like the ballroom parties of centuries ago, mask-themed parties are classy, exclusive and elegant. These kinds of party have something romantic and grand about them. They stand out from other parties with their element of mysteriousness.

  • The first main detail are the masks. You have two options: request your guests to come with a mask or provide them with the masks at the party.
  • Make sure that all of your guests receive a party favor. Prepare a little something, using a mask-theme decoration and add a colored feather. Your guests won’t be able to forget it!
  • The centerpieces should also sport a more or less dramatic theme, such as a theatrical or opera decoration.

We hope this post inspires you for your party. We hope you have a wonderful birthday and a party to remember!

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