Control Your Anger with These Simple Tricks

Control Your Anger with These Simple Tricks

Last update: 04 May, 2022

Also known as rage, fury, and ire, anger is a feeling that takes control of you in certain situations, which may cause serious problems for yourself and the people around you. Almost everyone has felt this uncomfortable and nerve-racking feeling before. Read this article to take a look at some tips that will help you control your anger.

What is anger?

A woman screaming

Anger is an expression of many negative feelingsit can cause depression, hypertension, and passive-aggressiveness.

Do some people get upset more than others?

Yes, there are people who get upset more than others or who do so more often and more intensely. There are also those who get upset but don’t show it. Still, they tend to be irritable, detached from society, sick, or even bitter.

Individuals who get angry easily have low frustration tolerance. They have a hard time handling unjust or difficult situations because they don’t feel it’s their responsibility to deal with them.

There are people who are irritable due to genetics or because they weren’t taught to properly deal with certain situations. For example, genetically, there are cases of children who, since the day they were born, are easy to annoy through hunger, sleepiness, or uncomfortable environments.

On the other hand, there are people who aren’t taught certain values like making an effort to get something. Then, when they don’t get it, they get upset easily.

What causes fits of anger?

1. Frustration

A situation that interferes with achieving an objective can immediately be seen as an obstacle. That’s why people’s feelings can turn into anger. The same feeling takes place if someone is treated unfairly, if their rights are violated, or when a law is broken. This can make people angry since humans are social beings. You can even get angry for not being acknowledged for doing something.

2. Bad situations

Physical and emotional pain can be the cause and determining factor in developing anger. By being misunderstood, an unexplained breakup, or betrayal can get you feel angry.

Steps to control your anger or annoyance

1. Relaxation and breathing techniques

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Relaxation is one way to control anger. You can do it by taking deep breaths and trying to meditate for ten minutes while visualizing happy thoughts. If you do it often, you’ll make a connection to your internal world. Therefore, your attitude will be unbreakable to any kind of circumstance.

2. Positive thoughts and attitude

Mixed emotions

Changing your thoughts by thinking positive and seeking awareness can have a calming effect on and help you feel less remorse. When you’re angry, you can act irrationally and hurt those you love.

3. Listening attentively to others with emotional maturity

You can’t solve any problem while you’re angry. It’s best to do it by focusing on ways to overcome them instead of reacting angrily. During arguments, take the time to listen to the other person and to think how to respond back nicely. Maturity will cause you to avoid conflicts and toxic people, even if you might love them.

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4. Express your emotions calmly

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If you want to talk about a sour topic, then it’s best to wait for an appropriate opportunity. Ask yourself, am I going to say XYZ to solve this problem or embarrass the other person? Slow yourself down, because, under these circumstances, you could end up saying the wrong thing that will just make everything worse.

5. Ignore lies and insults

Always keep in mind that by keeping calm, channeling your inner peace, and feeling able to face your problems will help you handle this emotion that can cause so many problems. One of the best ways to control your anger is by ignoring insults. You can only get offended if you take it in. After all, anger will only hurt you, not the other person.

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