Don't Make These 5 Common Shower Mistakes

Many of us feel that foamy products make for a cleaner scrub in the shower.  But in reality, the opposite is true, and foam can cause very dry skin.
Don't Make These 5 Common Shower Mistakes

Last update: 20 January, 2019

Many of us consider it normal to shower at least once a day. However, this habit causes us to constantly repeat a series of hygiene and self-care shower mistakes

Take note of the following common mistakes and avoid them as much as possible.

1. Choose an optimal temperature

The shower temperature should not be above 95 degrees Fahrenheit since this is sufficient enough.  We often take showers that are too hot, but incredibly hot water is one of many shower mistakes.

We should be aware that very high water temperatures can cause dehydration, dryness and peeling of the skin.

In addition, very hot water can excessively remove oils from the skin.  This will end up making the skin indefensible against bacteria and harmful substances—exactly the sort of shower mistakes you want to avoid.

Also, too much hot water provokes excessive blood flow.  And, his can result in redness, inflammation, and acne. 

2. Don’t take showers that are too long

shower head with hot water for shower mistakes

It’s also not a good idea to take very long showers.  It is the same as taking showers with very hot water because it dries out the skin.

Try to take showers that last no more than ten minutes.  Otherwise, by taking very long showers you yourself may provoke the appearance of  pimples and irritated skin etc.

3.  Foamy products aren’t as good as you think

Some soaps are very foamy because they contain surfactants.  Their function consists of  binding molecules of fat to water molecules.

If you see that your shower gel is too foamy, it is because it has an excess of this type of substance in it.

•  Be aware that the more foam that a soap or gel produces, the more oil from the skin that will be eliminated.  This will cause dry rough skin.

•  It is also not recommended to use antibacterial soaps unless it is specifically recommended by your doctor.

•  Always try to buy soaps that have a PH of 5.5, which is indicated on the label.  This is an alkaline level  that is safe for the skin.

4. Using old sponges

Old sponges may  be softer, but they are not the most recommended item to use for bathing.  Even though you may not think so, using the same sponge for a long time can be hazardous to your health.

You should be aware that sponges turn into the perfect home for bacteria and fungus. 

Therefore, don’t use the same sponge more than 4 weeks in a row.

Experts recommend using a wash cloth instead of a sponge, or flower scrubber made of netting.

5. Correct drying

Even though it is good to towel-dry yourself after showering, overdoing it is not a good idea.  Understand that drying yourself correctly is as important as washing yourself well when it comes to avoiding shower mistakes.

The best way is not to use rough towels that leave your body somewhat humid.   After showering don’t forget to apply body lotion to maintain skin healthy and hydrated.

Carefully notice the areas that need special attention.  They are:

•  The underarms

•  The feet, especially between the toes

•  The groin area

Do not rub the skin briskly to remove moisture.  It will be enough to gently pat yourself dry.

Some recommendations

It is important to know the common shower mistakes that many of us make.  It’s also important to know  what to do for the best possible outcome.

Here we have steps to follow:

Take car of your ears

Adults as well as children can’t neglect to clean the ears inside and outside.

•  Clean them correctly with soap and water and avoid getting water into the inner ear.

In the case of babies, cleaning should be limited to the external area.  You will need a little water with soap or you can softly wipe the outside of the ear with a soft baby wash cloth that is moist.

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