Cleanse Skin Impurities in One Month

· May 17, 2015

In order to cleanse skin impurities so your skin can look even and bright, you should do a complete cleanse both inside and out. In this article, we will explain how you can do a deep skin cleansing plan with natural treatments and remedies. This is great for oily or mixed skin that is prone to blackheads, acne, boils, etc.

Cleanse Your Intestines

Your intestines are intimately related to your skin, which is why the first step will consist of cleansing them deeply and being sure that they are working properly. The most common problem is constipation in this sense, which causes an accumulation of toxic substances, that when not eliminated, will naturally end up moving to the bloodstream. From there, the body will do everything possible to eliminate them through the skin, as impurities, sweat, etc.

There are several natural methods to cleans your intestines and prevent constipation:

  • Eat ripe fruit and fresh vegetables everyday, especially fruits like prunes, figs, or apples, and leafy green vegetables like spinach or swiss chards
  • Add linseed to your dishes
  • Always eat whole grains: bread, pasta, rice, wheat, etc.
  • Take magnesium chloride supplements
  • Drink two glasses of warm water on an empty stomach
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day
  • Do water enemas if necessary. These are much more natural than chemical enemas from the pharmacy

During the cleansing month, you should follow these tips until you notice that your intestines are functioning properly.


Drink Medicinal Infusions

There are medicinal plants that will clean cleanse your skin from the inside. It is possible that you notice more impurities the first few days, but this is a common step whenever an internal cleanse is done, and you will soon notice how they disappear and your skin is cleaner.

  • Green nettle: This wild plant has the property of cleansing and beautifying your skin, as well as cleansing your body.
  • Burdock: The decoction of this root is very useful for significant impurities like acne or boils. It is also very beneficial for the kidneys.
  • Green teaGreen tea is very depurative and rich in antioxidants, which is why it also has rejuvenating properties.
  • Dandelion: This great depurative works fully to cleanse your liver, kidneys, and skin.

During the cleansing month, you can alternate or combine these infusions, but you should drink three cups a day.


Daily Skin Cleanse

Once you have planned your internal cleansing, it is essential to learn how to care for your skin externally. In order to do that, we recommend following these steps every day.

  • Wash your face with cold water in the morning
  • Apply a natural toner which can be rose water, witch hazel water, or chamomile
  • Once it dries, moisturize your skin according to its type. If you don’t have a proper moisturizing cream, you can use a vegetable oil: jojoba oil (for oily skin), coconut oil (for mixed skin), or argan or almond oil (for dry skin)
  • Gently massage your face so it absorbs the oils well. As a result, you will increase the natural regeneration of your skin
  • At night, repeat the same steps exactly before going to bed. If you have makeup on, don’t forget to remove the makeup first, and always use natural products

Exfoliation and Nourishment Once a Week

During the cleansing month, you should do the following treatments once a week: a skin exfoliation and the application of a nourishing and cleansing mask.

Exfoliation or a peel is essential for helping eliminate impurities and one of the simplest methods consists of using salt or sugar mixed with aloe vera (or oil if you have very dry skin), with which you should gently massage your skin. Then, rinse your skin with warm water and apply a purifying and moisturizing mask that you can make with green clay mixed with natural yogurt. Apply it and let sit for approximately a half an hour until you see the clay dry.

Next, remove it with warm water and apply your normal moisturizing cream.

You can follow these treatments after the monthly cleansing plan, but we recommend doing them every 10 to 15 days.

Images courtesy of danny O, bkajino, MyTudut and Wildbeauty