Five Natural Masks to Remove Facial Impurities

15 November, 2020
Looking beautiful is a matter of maintaining proper daily care. Thus, eat well, moisturize, wash your face with the right products for your skin type, exfoliate as often as the dermatologist recommends, apply a moisturizer daily, and so on. Additionally, you can use a series of natural masks to remove facial impurities, like the ones we're about to discuss.

Removing facial impurities is just a matter of maintaining a series of good care on a daily basis. Eating well, moisturizing properly, cleansing your face with the right products for your skin type, exfoliating as often as the dermatologist recommends, applying a moisturizer daily, and so on. Additionally, you can use a series of natural masks to remove impurities, like the ones we’re going to discuss next.

1. Almond flour-honey mask

Some almond flour in a bowl to Some natural remedies to cleanse the face.

This natural almond flour and honey mask is an interesting option to remove dead cells and the waste that gets stuck in the pores of the face. On the other hand, due to its honey content, this mixture can help hydrate the skin, which would be very beneficial for dry skin.



  • Mix the almond flour with the two tablespoons of honey until you obtain a thick paste
  • Secondly, take a small amount and rub it all over your face with gentle circular massaging motions
  • Then, if you like, spread the product down to your neck and upper chest to achieve better results
  • Finally, leave it to act for 20 minutes and rinse with tepid water

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2. Remove facial impurities with coconut oil and coarse salt mask

The coconut oil in this mask provides moisture, hydration, and softness to the skin, while the coarse salt helps to remove dead skin and impurities from the skin.

In a study published in 2018, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences analyzed the anti-inflammatory and protective effects of the application of some vegetable oils on the skin (such as coconut oil) and concluded that the effects vary according to skin type and case. Therefore, it’s necessary to continue studying this subject in depth.


  • 2 tbsp. of organic coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. of coarse salt


  • Firstly, put the coconut oil in a container and mix it with the coarse salt
  • Then, remove your makeup and apply the product to the face with circular massaging motions
  • Finally, leave it to act for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water

3. Apple-honey mask

Some honey in a bowl.

The natural acids found in apples are ideal for promoting the pH balance of the face because they inhibit the negative effect of toxins and free radicals. These properties, together with their antioxidants, facilitate the cleansing and good appearance of the skin.


  • 1 apple
  • 2 tbsp. of honey


  • Firstly, cut the apple into several pieces and put it through the blender to obtain a puree
  • Then, mix the fruit with the 2 tablespoons of honey and ensure you have a combined cream
  • Finally, spread the mask over your whole face and leave it to act for 20 minutes

4. Remove facial impurities with an olive oil and sugar mask

This olive oil and sugar exfoliating mask is one of the traditional recipes for eliminating dead cells and other particles that affect the beauty of the skin.


  • 2 tbsp. of coarse sugar
  • 1 tbsp. of olive oil


  • Mix the coarse sugar with the olive oil until you have a thick paste
  • Then, rub the mask into the whole face and leave it to act for 10 minutes
  • Finally, rinse with tepid water

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5. Natural yogurt and rose oil mask

Wild roses are great for removing facial impurities.

Natural yogurt is one of the natural ingredients that help to cleanse the face, especially when the skin starts to accumulate dead cells and oily waste. Mixed with a little rose essential oilit gives us an exfoliating and repairing mask, ideal for revitalizing opaque and dry skin.


  • 2 tbsp. of natural yogurt
  • 1 tbsp. of rose essential oil


  • Firstly, mix the yogurt with the rose essential oil and rub the product into the whole face
  • Then, leave it to act for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with tepid water

Are you ready to use these natural masks?

Are you ready to improve the appearance of your skin? If so, include any of these masks in your beauty routine and cleanse your face in a natural way and see for yourself how good it is to pay attention to skincare.

However, if you have any doubts, remember you can always consult the dermatologist. This professional will give you the guidance you need to look healthy and have beautiful skin at all times.

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