Change Your Weekend Habits and Lose Weight With These 5 Tips

Adopting healthy eating habits and including an exercise routine are key to weight loss. But what about the weekend?
Change Your Weekend Habits and Lose Weight With These 5 Tips

Last update: 17 May, 2021

If a person loses weight in a healthy and effective way, it’s because they have improved their lifestyle habits and have been disciplined and consistent in it–even over the weekend. Would you like to achieve this, too? If so, keep reading.

Most of the time, we’re motivated to work out during the week and stick to our diet. But what happens when they don’t know how to maintain that routine on weekends or holidays? Well, they don’t achieve their goals and experience the so-called ‘rebound effect’.

Unfortunately, two days of play can undo five days of exercise. It can ruin all the good work that you’ve done during the week.

You might ask yourself then: “What can I do? I never have fun during the week. Do I also have to give it up on the weekends?”

Well, today we’ll share with you some tips on weekend habits that will help you to lose weight.

5 ways to adjust your weekend habits to lose weight

A woman drinking a smoothie and holding an apple in the other hand.

During the weekend, you can indulge in some treats, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain some moderation. In addition, you should try to keep moving. It’s not advisable to eat a large portion of a dessert if you’re not going to move until Monday.

Now, you don’t have to go overboard and do a whole training session to ‘burn off’ the treat you indulged in. In fact, you can opt for recreational activities, which will not only help you move and burn calories but also have a good time.

1. Dance

Dancing is an excellent weight-loss activity. If you’ve danced before for a long time then you know how exhausted it can make you. However, to enjoy it, you shouldn’t drink a lot of alcohol (or soft drinks) or eat junk food.

If your objective is to lose weight, then alcohol and junk food are not going to help. If you want a cold drink when dancing or at a party, we recommend water.

Dancing is good for your whole self — physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also contributes to weight loss and improved body composition. This is directly reflected in a person’s health by reducing the risk of disease, according to an article published in the journal Circulation Research.

Being in constant movement not only favors the burning of a large number of calories but also:

  • Improves cardiac health
  • Activates your metabolism
  • Strengthens your bones and joints
  • Improves your flexibility

What are you waiting for? Lose weight by dancing!

Adults dancing in a zumba class on the weekend.

2. Family Outings

Going out with your family or friends to do physical activities together is a great way to lose weight on the weekend. Planning walks and excursions with others will encourage you to go out and actually do them. You’ll burn calories and get your body moving.

You could say that it’s a bit like going to the gym on the weekend: You’ll do a lot of cardiovascular exercises as you spend time with other people.

If you exercise a lot during the week, or your job involves a lot of physical effort, your weekend activity will be a good continuation of it. As a bonus, group activities are always a great way to socialize.

3. Go Shopping

As crazy as it seems, going shopping can actually help you lose weight. Lots of walking and putting on and taking off clothes keeps your metabolism active, burns calories, and works your muscles.

It’s quite similar to going jogging or dancing. In fact, it’s especially like dancing, since it’s good for your social skills as well. Shopping and knowing you’re losing weight while shopping will also be great for your mood.

Obviously, it doesn’t have the same effect as high-intensity exercise, but it will give results. All of us have felt tired after going shopping, and it’s no coincidence.

4. Healthy Recipes

We can’t go out every weekend, whether for health reasons or the weather. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to lose weight.

Research foods that are good for your health and then spend time trying out new recipes. It will keep you occupied all weekend and also be useful for the upcoming week, too!

You can swap out refined flours for whole-grain flours, and choose healthier alternatives to sugar like stevia or honey.

Remember that an adequate fiber intake is essential to promote the onset of satiety and thus weight loss, according to a study published in 2017.

5. Have Fun with your Significant Other

Including your family or your significant other in your weekend activities will substantially improve your motivation and chances of losing weight. You can involve your partner in all the activities we mentioned above. Dance with them, take them shopping, cook together, and go on outings. Have fun and lose weight all at once!

A couple talking in bed on the weekend.

Get moving to lose weight, even on the weekend!

We’ve shown you that there are several alternatives that allow you to have fun on the weekend and that help you lose weight. If you want to get different results, you can’t keep making the same mistakes.

By changing a few simple habits in your life, you can gain health and vitality, and by looking different, you’ll feel differently as well! So, move and lose weight!

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