Cell Phone Radiation: 10 Devices with the Highest Rates

Cellular technology affects everyone. The world population currently exceeds 7 billion, 5 billion of which currently use cell phones.
Cell Phone Radiation: 10 Devices with the Highest Rates

Last update: 27 February, 2019

In recent years, many health experts have raised alarms concerning the excessive use of electronic devices. This may sound strange and almost crazy because most people assume that technology is always a good thing. However, this concern is reasonable enough because as technology grows, especially wireless technologies, so too have the microwaves and frequencies they use. Some believe these can affect our bodies over time. Today we’ll talk about the effects of cell phone radiation in particular. 

It has reached the point where these devices can cause cancer and other dangerous diseases. With the advances in wireless technology, we need to stress one of the most important wireless devices in the evolution of technology: the cell phone. We’ll explain how cell phones can cause cancer and other health-related problems.

Why is there a concern about cell phone use with regards to cancer?

Cancer cells in the body.

The latest studies have determined that frequent use of cell phones is not as safe as once thought. Reasons include:

  • Cell phone technology has evolved and is undergoing sudden and rapid changes, thanks to the increase of calls in both quantity and duration.
  • The increase in duration of cell phone calls increases the exposure to radiation and consequently increases the risk of developing cancer.
  • Another similar reason is the increase in cell phone subscribers around the world.
  • Figures from the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association of the United States show that in 2010 there were more than 303 millions cell phone subscribers in the US.
  • This is triple the number of the 110 million users in 2000.
  • It’s estimated that on the global level, in 2010 there were more than 5 billions users enjoying cellular services.
  • Also relevant is the fact that the tissues of the human body can absorb the energy emitted by cell phones and this is hazardous because they emit radio waves, a form of ionizing radiation that is really dangerous.

What do studies say about cell phone use and cancer?

Cell phone radiation may cause headaches.

According to data from the International Agency for Cancer Research, in 2011, cell phones were classified under Group 2B (possibly carcinogenic). That is to say, “there is a possible risk” that these devices cause cancer.

To reach their conclusion, the agency used long term data on the intensive use of different types of mobile devices.

The study suggests that with billions of mobile users across the world using these devices frequently, it’s no surprise that the results are beginning to predict the future.

Although currently there is not sufficient scientific evidence to draw conclusions, experts in the field, like Dr. George Carlo, believe that the cell phone industry could have people on the brink of a health crisis. It’s believed that instances of brain damage and certain types of cancers could be on the rise as a results of the increased proliferation of cellular technology.

In fact, some health problems and complaints are already being associated with cell phone radiation, like:

  • Recurring headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

Which mobile devices emit the highest levels of cell phone radiation?

In order for a mobile device to pass certification from the Federal Commission of Communications (FCC) and be allowed for sale on the market in the United States, its maximum rate of absorption, or its specific absorption rate (SAR), must be lower than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Here is a list of the 10 highest mobile devices according to the radiation they emit:

    SAR: 1.54
    SAR: 1.54
    SAR: 1.5
    SAR: 1.49
    SAR: 1.49
    SAR: 1.48
    SAR: 1.45
    SAR: 1.44
  9. NOKIA ASHA 503
    SAR: 1.43
    SAR: 1.41
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