Can You Burn Calories When You Practice Yoga?

Practicing yoga can help us to effectively burn calories without the risk of injury, although we should always combine this with a healthy and balanced diet to achieve better results.
Can You Burn Calories When You Practice Yoga?

Last update: 04 May, 2022

Yoga is an increasingly popular discipline among people who want to take care of themselves and find a balance between body and mind. However, many people wonder if you can burn calories when you practice yoga.

In this article, discover the relationship between yoga and weight loss. We will give you the keys to discover if you can effectively burn calories when you practice yoga.

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga can be an ideal physical activity. This practice respects the limits of the body and does not over-strain muscles or joints.

Thus, it is no coincidence that millions of people of all ages choose yoga as way of keeping up their health. In addition to the emotional and mental balance that yoga brings you, it also serves to tone your muscles and strengthen your joints.

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Through this discipline, we can get flexibility, physical strength, balance, concentration, endurance, energy and relaxation. In addition, we prevent injuries since this technique is based on flexibility and it avoids any sudden movements.

Therefore, practicing yoga is an effective and risk-free option to burn calories. It helps you lose weight gradually while you strengthen your physical abilities and develop your inner strength.

burn calories when you practice yoga

How Many Calories You Burn Depends on the Type of Yoga

Like all physical activity, you will burn calories when you practice yoga. However, there are many types of yoga and many differences between them. Some focus more on relaxation, meditation and breathing. On the other hand, others are more dynamic and work on flexibility and endurance through poses and movements.

If you are looking for a sport that expends more energy, you should choose a more active kind of yoga. If what you need is to relax in order to combat anxiety or nervousness, it will be beneficial for you to opt for a more introspective form of yoga.

Either way, it’s important to evaluate what it is that keeps you from losing weight in order to choose between one or the other.

We would like to highlight a specific kind of yoga called Bikram Yoga. In this kind, the room is kept at a temperature of 42°C. The goal is to make you sweat more and to speed up your heart rate in order to burn more calories.

Food is also Fundamental

If you’re looking to burn calories, in addition to exercising several times a week, you should also pay attention to your diet. Today, counting calories is an outdated method that is not always effective; not to mention, it also causes frustration and anxiety.

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For weight loss, nutritionists opt more and more for a healthy and natural diet using common sense and avoiding the yo-yo effect.

To do this, instead of focusing on calories, you should follow these tips:

  • Increase your consumption of vegetables, whether they are in salads, juices, smoothies, sautéed, etc.
  • Always choose whole foods rich in fiber and avoid refined foods.
  • Eliminate sugar and replace it with healthy sweeteners such as honey, stevia or coconut sugar.
  • Reduce your consumption of processed foods and, whenever possible, cook for yourself.
  • Do not remove fats from your diet. Instead, choose good quality fats, such as olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, ghee, oily fish, etc.
burn calories when you practice yoga

Tips to Burn Calories When You Practice Yoga

Finally, we will share some guidelines for activating your metabolism and increasing caloric expenditure as a result:

  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day, when fasting and outside of meals.
  • Avoid sitting for too long, and get up, at a minimum, every hour.
  • Incorporate spicy spices into your diet, such as cayenne pepper and ginger, for example.
  • Shower using cold – or at least lukewarm – water. However, avoid using cold water on your head.
  • Sleep as much as you need during the night.
  • Combat stress.
  • You should not skip any meal of the day, especially breakfast. At minimum, you should eat the main three meals and, if you wish, you should eat something mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Increase your protein consumption, always in proportion to plant- and animal-based foods.
  • You can drink green tea and coffee, but only in moderation.
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